Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All the clocks are set

Up early, partly because of the power outage but mostly insomnia an hour before the alarm. Listening to KCEA in the shower. Took back roads, onto 101 at Ellis, got stuck behind huge-assed flatbeds.

All the breakfast things were in the break room. Most of the work day was pasting test results into a spreadsheet, and trying to explain to the test programmer that his program is inconsistent, but I'm just the messenger. Someone who knows what we're supposed to be testing needs to help him fix it.

And then I was pleased with the very nice manufacturing engineer in France's sense of humor, so I set up two TVs side by side and recorded a couple of videos showing that his unit showed different stats than a unit from China, running the same content simultaneously. It was fun. Personally, I didn't need the stats display, the diff in video quality was easy to see.

Lunch was turkey tetrazini & artichoke hearts. And Famous Amos.  Checking the cat cams, power was back on about 12:30. Finished the book I was reading, not going to continue the series, too YA.

Break time I made an egg cream. They had refilled the chocolate syrup pump. Started reading Life on the Mississippi.

Tried to go online and make an appointment at Ford, but Sunnyvale's site was broken and the lady on the phone said the next available one is next month. Tried the place I leased from, and chat person said they would email me, but they lied. Saturday I will drive down there and take my chances.

Home by back roads at 5:30.

Transplanted two flower bushes from pots on the side of the carport to the two holes in the front garden left by dead shrubs pulled out last weekend.

In the mail was my driver's license, only a week after applying. Delivered was a pair of terrycloth steering wheel covers, and a pump for Spook's original water fountain, but it didn't fit. Ordered a different one.

UPS seems to have lost track of my cable card.

In the park mail slot was the rent bill. Cut a check. Will deliver it later.

I really want to post fake news that Fox Sports has signed Colin Kaepernick as a color commentator.

Plans for tomorrow:


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