Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The day nothing happened

Fasting, drove to Kaiser at 10 or so for the fasting blood & other things tests. Waited 15 minutes for my number to be called. Doctor had not sent the order in. There was supposed to be a perpetual order, quarterly, but there wasn't. So no tests.

On to Ford service at the nearest outlet. "There's no technician on Saturdays" the minion said, and told me he would ask his boss if there was a way to check out my charger, and he would be right back. 10 minutes later he was nowhere to be seen, so I backed out of the driveway and drove away.

The next stop worked out okay, Safeway, bought all the things. They were out of cole slaw, but they had packets of cole slaw mix and bottles of cole slaw dressing. I had not eaten since last night, and blood sugar was running low so I hobbled next door to CVS and got a butterfingers, snickers and not-diet Coke. Finished half on the drive.

Home, put away all the things. Expected to have a football game on TiVo, but not yet.

Took a nap. Woke up, decided that since I struck out on getting a Thai massage in Helsinki (I had no cash the day I found where they were located) I would do that now. Needed to deposit a check and withdraw some cash, so hit up the ATM. Drove to my favorite massage place and it was gone. Signs were all removed, door locked. Drove across the street to another one, but they have changed into a couples-friendly place. Looked up on Craig's List, found one in downtown Sunnyvale. The massage was pretty good, but could have been better.

Home, one of my surprise finds at Safeway was a Thai noodle brand called Mama. I bought a pair of both Dom Yam and pork. It's your basic ramen, but apparently is Thai middle class millennial comfort food. In my day, there was no way a Thai would buy a packet of ramen. But it was squeed over by my favorite Thai youtube cooking show, so...

It comes with three condiment packets. One is some kind of paste, one is the standard salty powder and one has a picture of chili peppers, so I left that out.

Sat down in front of the TV, I had found the Stanford football game - they were in Australia playing Rice. It was 42-0, Stanford. Mama noodles taste like Thailand. That is, the spice attacks your throat, not your taste buds. The noodles themselves are very thin, and frankly I don't see the attraction.

Mixed up a packet of cole slaw into two small storage boxes and set them in the fridge for later. Nuked a Marie C boneless pork & corn & potatoes dinner. I never eat their potatoes. The boneless pork was horrible. The corn was fine.

Ice cream for dessert. Discovered as I got up to put the cutlery away that I was wearing a significant chunk of ice cream.

Stanford gave up a touchdown in the final minutes, they were getting sloppy. But the final score was 62-7.

Was tempted to watch the Raiders game live, but it's being recorded. I'll watch it tomorrow and FF past the commercials and BS.

Delivered was a TSA-approved luggage strap to replace the one Finnair lost on me. Much later the replacement water pump was delivered. It actually has a photo of the right fountain on it. Spook doesn't need two water fountains (she had two when I was away, just in case, but neither of them ran out). I also changed the litterbox cartridge

Sometime today I finally emptied the suitcase and put all the odds & ends where they belonged. Passport and a few euro coins into the lock box, Worldcon program book, badge & ribbons, and the ID badge from the power plant. Biz cards with the european phone numbers are in the trash.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch some football
Break down all the delivery boxes
Water all the indoor plants
Meet Janice at 5
Take out the garbage

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