Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Feets on Fire

A special morning posting before I forget.

I knew this was coming because both my parents had it, Mom from diabetes, Dad from 50 years of nicotine. And my doctor says I have lost a little bit of feeling on the bottoms of my feet. Diabetic neuropathy. But what the parentals described was just a fuzzy feeling - not being able to sense the bottoms of their feet. This morning at about 6 I woke up with excruciating pain in both feet, it felt like they were on fire. Or more accurately, like they were burning up from the inside.

Spook watched me from her doggie bed as I sat up, tried massaging my feet (didn't help), grabbed the cell phone and told google to look up neuropathy pain treatments. The Mayo Clinic said antidepressants were the hard core, not entirely effective route of last resort, but sometimes Aleve® or Motrin® help in the short term. So I hobbled to the bathroom and took 4 ibuprofen. That actually worked.

Before going back to sleep I put a Werther's sugar-free hard caramel in my mouth (my go-to bedside treat) and as I started to doze off it decided to try to slide down my throat. It was just barely small enough, but needed a couple of glasses of water chaser.

Back to sleep, at about 10 Spook jumped on the bed and wanted to be petted. Or more likely she wanted me to get up and give her treats.  Now I am up, and will be leaving the computer on most of the day as it does its backup of my RAID array, about 3 TB.

New plan:
exercise the car's gasoline engine with a trip to Yamagami's. They may have Thai basil.

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