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Up and out early, partly to make up for the time I would be out at the doctor's. Grabbed breakfast and took it to the hole, checked the results of the over the weekend test and emailed the zip file to the manager who asked for the test. And then I noticed that the test machine's monitor was blank. And then I noticed that the test machine's video board wasn't lit up (there should have been some red LEDs).

Power off/on twice, it all came back. So I downloaded and ran the next test script in the series. After about an hour there was a beep and the video went out again, and the board went dark, but there was audio, and it matched what the test script said, so I let it run.

1 pm almost on the dot, time to head out, I rebooted the machine, got video working and started the test again. To be continued...

Drove down Shoreline to MV, plugged the car into one of the chargers in the garage beneath the Center For The Performing Tarts, and had lunch in the cafe upstairs. So-so ham & cheese ~~ (I'm looking for a French word which means blintz, sort of)  and a nice thick slice of banana nut bread. Generic iced tea. Disappointed that they did not have any of their signature pastries - Napoleons for instance.

Finished at 2, just in time to drive across the street to Kaiser. Annual check-ups are free. Who knew? 2:45 appointment was actually a 3:05 visit, but as usual the nurse did a good job of the vitals and stuff, and  Dr. took her time with me. That subcutaneous lump wasn't cancer, it was one of those follicle cysts which, on the rare times I get them, are usually above the skin line. What I thought was hardening of my skin from injecting insulin was actually hardening of my skin from injecting insulin. With 5 shots a day, even on my massive tummy there will be repeat sites.

Nothing to be done about my smashed toenails except keep wearing sandals. Neuropathy is still minimal.
Fasting blood tests tomorrow morning, because the theory about my running out of steam is it's either a vitamin, iron or similar deficiency or it's (irony time) low blood sugar. I showed her the app which keeps track of my Hgl meter readings and she was jazzed about that. But she said I was aiming for too low a level.

And before I left, she had the nurse run an EKG on me. Results were as expected for high blood pressure and diabetes, nothing alarming. It was a pretty short run.

Back to work at 4:30, and yup, the test was done and the video was dead again. So I brought in the engineer next door whose machine I was testing, and he was stumped. I ran the script once more, and stopped it at the point where video died, so he could see. But nothing rang a bell, so before I left for the day he hooked up his laptop to it, and started gathering logs and I started the script again. He'll collect the results in the morning. Even with my lab test at Kaiser I'll still probably be in before him.

And I filed a bug and assigned it to him. At his request.

Home, it's now after 7, so traffic is light.  On my way I took a detour to see where the Everest Himalayan Cafe was. Janice described it well. Maybe tomorrow - I wasn't very hungry.

Home, delivered was the lost cable card. Didn't know what it was till I opened it, there was no clue on the address label.

Facebooked. Annoyed because otherwise intelligent friends were all over Trump for tweeting while Houston was flooded. The one thing he did right so far was to declare a state of emergency at the first sign of trouble, and these friends also were unaware that his FEMA head has been on the job for more than a month. I hate it when people blindly demonize.

Re-printed the lost and found form 10% bigger so they would be able to read the credit card numbers. Filled it out, and wrote a polite nastrygram to the effect of "in case you missed my fax and email" and stuck it in an  envelope with appropriate postage.

Also answered email from Royal Caribbean, where they asked me for information about the ship which they should have been able to look up internally from the dates and times I gave them. At work I had looked it up, so I gave it to them. The CS rep had not understood that I was not a passenger on their ship. Had I been, I would have been able to get the info on board.

In the park slot was the monthly magazine, 3 days early. And an annoying insert for bible study couched in the most offensive to non-believers terms possible. I shredded the insert.

Dinner was chicken fried pork with apple chunks where veggies should have been.

Which reminds me, at 4 am I woke up to a mild case of the runs, and my bottom leaked a little on the way to work. I blame the cole slaw. Too much lactose in the Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, which is taste-free. Will pick up some Marie's for the next batch.

But I digressed. On Tivo was yesterday's 9ers game, I watched the first half and was impressed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser Lab
Everest for dinner?

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