Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

More boredom

Another day with no actual work to do. Played a lot of YouTube, 49ers interviews, Lea Salonga concerts, and my new find, WeKids, a Thai childrens' staged song contest. Here's one I especially liked:

The second singer had confessed to her mentors that she couldn't manage the English in her solo, so she sings the Thai version, which is close enough. Their mentor comes in for the finale. I enjoy the panelists' comments, but if you don't speak Thai forget it. "Sip" in Thai is 10.

The whole clip has several of the finalists...feel free to FF and RW

Lunch was by myself, plus a newly placed security person who was there when I got breakfast as well. That's one thing the building has needed. Spaghetti & meatballs a la lean cuisine, and mint milanos.

Just before the end of my day, next door engineer picked up his laptop, which he should have done yesterday when he was told the bug I'd found was hardware, something he cannot fix. It also means I can put the James Bond TV aside until they give me a fixed one.

Had made a manicure appointment for 6, they were very busy, so it was 6:15 before I got nailed. There were a couple of hotties getting pedicures, a real redhead (strawberry) whose eye liner kept me from being able to tell what color her eyes were, and an Asian mother-daughter team. Daughter was too young, but mother was very attractive. My manicurist keeps using the UV light on the acrylic filler, which I think is wrong, then again on the UV-cured gel coating, which is normal. I ought to ask her about that. Or just look it up.

Back to the park by back roads, very heavy traffic for 7 pm. Dropped off the rent then went home.

Downloaded a new free CD ripper, and am using it on some of my Thai CDs. I need to spend some time sorting them, only a handful I really want to put into my music library. Out of about 100.

Trump announced Monday that his Tuesday trip to Houston would be only to get an overview and help coordinate Federal $$ with local services, and he would not get in the way of relief efforts. So of course my friends who didn't get the memo, and many who did, are complaining that he wasn't out on the street hugging people like Clinton, Bush & Obama did. As if that helps. One of the loudest complainers is a Katrina evacuee (she was sent to Seattle for the duration, is now back in NOLA.) I am sure a hug from Trump would not be on her bucket list.
Looked again at my Thai collection, and the second row starts with two faves. I had no idea I had 6 Rose Sirinthip CDs and 4 Bua Chompoo. Need to find Ploy and Tata Young. I also have too many from Ann, ripped two before deciding a little of her goes a long way.

Email from my doctor said all my labs were normal. Which means my feeling pooped all the time is due to keeping my blood sugar too low. Next step is for my diabetes doc to call and talk about altering my way-too-much-insulin regimen.

Delivered was a flat stopper for the bathtub. And email saying some business card blanks for inkjet which I ordered so long ago I'd forgotten, are shipping Real Soon Now.

And email announcing Alexa's translate feature, which I tried, and they don't support Hebrew. WTF? Finnish and Thai but not Yvrit?

Plans for tomorrow:
Download new bits for two devices and run the TV tests on them as usual.
Boss may be back. If so, maybe she will have stuff for me to do. We're waiting for some news from Netflix.
Plan for 3-day weekend coming up. I should take a train somewhere.
No football. It was supposed to be Houston at Dallas, but they canceled it so the Texans could go swimming with their loved ones.

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