Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still pretty boring

Spook woke me at 6:30 or maybe earlier, she just doesn't get the concept that when the lights come on at 7:30, I'm ready to get up. Most of the time.

Out of bed after 8, because there was email that my wallet was on its way, and an app to install to track it. Yay!

On the road at 8:45, at work 9:05. For a change the last few miles was clear sailing, as the usual idiots were not blocking the exit-only lane they should have gotten out of.

Grabbed breakfast, then to the hole. It was a day early, but not the first time I have done the weekly tests on a Thursday, and I needed to re-format the spreadsheet. I upgraded one unit, ran the tests then went to lunch. Turkey tetrazini & mint milanos with a tiny bit of tapioca pudding. There were some random people in and out of the break room, no significant eye candy.

Back to the hole, revised the spreadsheet, plopped in the last three weeks' worth of test results into the new format. New format because programmer revised the order the tests are run, and also added and removed some. And he put the results in a different file than I had been using.

Then for grins I tried to run a different test suite on that box, the one which blew up the TV the other day. It failed right away for a totally different and somewhat stupid reason. I'll have to ask Boss about it. Played with that box a while, watched a lot of Johnny Depp - first his visits to children's hospitals and then interviews through the years. He was a very sexy teen. Oprah had him on when she was almost slender and he was a new dad. She showed all the teen magazines, and the audience was crammed with screaming females of all ages.

Next I tested 4K videos, confirmed the box still had issues with one format. But also found what looked like a bug in how it talked to one of the apps. Will have to ping the project manager tomorrow.

Home, back road traffic was very light but stupid, way too many bicyclers for 96°. The back way I used to bicycle when I worked at MSFT but traffic was light then, no Amazon, HP, Google or MSFT along the way. The IFH is a death trap for cyclists, the bike lane disappears at the two places it is needed most.

Much to my surprise, people in red jerseys were wandering the neighborhood, which means the 49ers were playing tonight. Turns out almost all the teams are, and Tivo got a couple of them. 49ers game is on pause in the 3rd quarter, I will finish watching later to see how they blow a 23 20 point lead this time.

Dinner was light. Lox, buttered sourdough bread medallions,  minimal herring in sour cream, milk. For dessert I attempted the cantaloupe pieces from Safeway which had been unripe, set on the kitchen table overnight and then into the fridge. They were ripe enough, but fermented. Not sweet at all, so they were recycled and I had ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
run tests
ping boss

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