Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A very warm day

I started out way late. Do not know how it happened, but after a 6 am pit stop and back to sleep, when I woke up for reals it was a surprise! that the lights and radio came on. Grabbed the tablet, and got waylaid doing things online. Skipped the shower because now it was 9, and I should have been at work already. But traffic was light, thanks to holiday weekend, so I was at work by 9:15. Grabbed breakfast and checked email. There was everything I needed to start the smoke test which I'd argued against doing yesterday.

9:15 am and it was already 80° outside.

By noon it was 101° and by 1 pm the air conditioner had died, which I noticed on my way across the street to have lunch. Lunch was made uncomfortable by about 20 very loudly conversing people who commandeered the whole section of the break room I usually park myself in. I snagged the seat farthest from them, and more people arrived to fill in the spaces between.

I had forgotten my tablet, so had to make do with the cell phone, and that's too small to read from the Kindle app.

Suddenly after maybe 20 minutes the group up and left, apparently the person with the keycard for their lecture hall was late. Now here's a puzzle. In the fridge in pain sight (the doors are glass) are several of every soft drink known to modern Man. Only one of that gang grabbed a soda. everyone else took a plastic bottle of water.

Back to the hole, re-opened the ticket to fix the aircon, and Boss messaged that if it got too hot to go home. I worked till 3, the techs had come and fired up the aircon and left, and then it died after a few minutes.  Lab went from 79 to 83. I took my laptop over to the break room across the street, which is kept at about 72°, and read for half an hour. Back to the hole, aircon was still dead, lab was 85° and rising, so I messaged Boss and got in the car to go home.

In the work parking lot

It didn't get much better on the way home. I was running on battery, so no engine heat skewing the readings.

Waiting for the light to change 8 minutes and about 3 miles later. That's probably the actual temperature.

In my carport, in the shade.

Inside, my air conditioner was set for 78°, and had been all day. I turned it down to 76, which is what I'm used to in summer. It held its own, which kind of surprised me.

Delivered was a packet of my ideal business card blanks, glossy 2-sided inkjet, 10 to a page.

During the day my phone LOUDLY screamed an emergency broadcast telling me to get to a shelter. 3 times. Easy to turn off, but can't see how to disable it.

AG had called in the morning while I was being late, so I called him at 6, knowing he would be driving home. He's taking the wife & kid to Vegas for the long weekend. He was married there, but not by Elvis.

Watched the Raiders/Seahawks game on Tivo, nice to skip the commercials again. And when I use the slowest FF settings, I can still follow the game and the commentators get muted. They had started out great, calling the game and actually going quiet when they had nothing to say, but as the game wore on, so did they, and now I know that one of the Raiders players' sister is in the WNBA. And lots of other crap like that. And they did sideline interviews while major plays were being made on the field out of our view.

It was tough, because I'm a Raiders fan and a Seahawks fan. They are in different sides of the NFL, and only play rarely. Both teams made great plays, both made huge mistakes, and both had really wrong penalty calls made against them. It hurt from both sides. There was one inexcusable mistake by the officials. They called a Raider down by contact when he fumbled before he hit the ground, the ball was fallen on by a Seahawk but never formally handed to an official, and when Seahawks challenged, the decision was that yes, it was a fumble, but since the officials failed to confirm the Seahawks had recovered, they not only gave the ball back to the Raiders, but they charged Seattle a timeout and a challenge. Even though the challenge was proved correct.

Seahawks managed to win late in the game. It could have gone either way.

Dinner was a pair of PNB&J sandwiches, and ice cream.

After the game I stumbled on reruns of an Ancestry.com show where they find biological parents for adopted people. The adopted people this time around were all at least 40, so not kids. One of them turned out that the daughter was a nurse at the same hospital where Mom was an orderly. They knew each other and had worked together for years, not knowing they were related. Stuff like that blows me away. The only thing I don't like about the show is how much crying there is. Why do women cry when they are happy? None of the 4 pairs I saw included men. Only moms and daughters or sisters.

Re-programmed my Logitech remote to list Tivo first. Considering buying the one which responds to Alexa voice commands.

Wallet tracker says my package is on its way to my country.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably stay indoors and run the air conditioner and eat cold food
Meet Janice at 5, though we may cancel if it's >100 again

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