Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another hot one

Did not get to bed till after 2 am. Hgl was through the roof last night and this morning, I think I forgot to shoot up before dinner and at bedtime.

The alarm/lights woke me up at 7:30 and it took about 10 seconds for me to remember (a) It's Saturday, I have nothing planned till 5 pm and (b) I got to bed very late. Back to sleep till 10. Out of bed just before noon.

Had a light, cold lunch. Did some online shopping, ended up buying a Logitech hub which works with Alexa and Samsung Smarthome. And all my devices. No more hunting for buttons on a remote. Used to be only one model for ab out $300, now there are several, and this one was $90.

Those Johnny Depp interviews I watched the other day had put Finding Neverland into my t-see list, so I to-saw it. Rented on Amazon. Brilliant directing by Marc Forster, who had done Monster's Ball and later The Kite Runner. There were brief bits of surrealism which didn't quite work for me, but stars & dogs & children....  Depp was his character. There was none of himself in it. Dustin Hoffman took a successful stab out of his comfort zone, playing the wry producer, and Julie Christie was way out of her stereotype as the righteous, overbearing grandmother. Kate Winslet, however, was just the same talent-free Titanic star, only fatter. Or maybe she had a boob job. Either way, I'd have liked to see an actress in that role instead of a star. There was an outstanding "no small parts" appearance by Eileen Essell as the elderly but spry Mrs. Snow. Stunning blue eyes. She unfortunately passed away in 2015 at the age of 93, but not before appearing once more with Depp - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Radha Mitchell played Mrs. Barrie, and we did not get to see enough of her. The kids were all great, and I fell in love with the hottie who played Peter Pan - Kelly Macdonald.

Poked around Tivo for college football, and found some until it was time to head for MV to meet Janice. It was 102° out there, so I waited in Starbucks until a table inside became available. The place was full, mostly with people camped out for the air con. There was a lot of eye candy. Many booty shorts. Janice is off to Germany for a couple of weeks.

I told her about my not intending to donate to the Houston Red Cross drive, and she was completely on my side. She's a regular RC volunteer, and she had been sent to Houston for their last flood. She said they had a lot of (bad) attitude, and were unprepared, disorganized. This is despite the fact that it floods there regularly.  She figures there are plenty of CA fires she can help with.

After, I figured while I was already out, I may as well stop off at Lucky's for the handful of items on my "when I get a chance" list. And then another quick stop at Grocery Outlet, where half of what I spent was on a big box of Kind bars. $1 apiece in bulk. Also got some ice cream - Lucky's freezers died, the only ice cream they had was the expensive stuff. The frozen dinners were in another aisle. Stockers were un-stocking things like mad.

Home, put stuff away, watered the front garden, watered all the indoor plants, tilled Spook's greens container and planted new seeds - grasses and catnip. Set that on the kitchen table, there should be sprouts in a few days.

Watched the last half of the LSU-BYU game, and was please to see BYU stomped. Then the WSU-Montana State game because they had move the UW-Montana game to a channel I don't get. There was a baseball game on the original one. Boo hiss.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the temps. Stay cool. Watch football, if there is any. Movies?

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