Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dastardly Chores Day

It was cooler today, barely broke 100°, so I stayed inside except for necessaries. Watched some college football, had a mostly cold lunch with Texas Toast being the exception (and a dig at Houston). The early games were yawners, and I had noticed the kitchen floor was very dirty. Dirty enough to apply an actual sponge mop and PineSol. It took a couple of hours, with hydration breaks and trips to the thermostat which is programmed for 78° most periods, but 76 is a lot more comfortable.

One break I teased Spook by lying on the futon she was camped out under. It freaked her out. She jumped up on it next to me for a little, then escaped by way of the window sill behind the futon.

The kitchen floor is a lot cleaner, but all the swiffering pushed dirt deep into the linoleum, or whatever the floor is made of. I wish I could afford tile. Or something easy to clean.

I spent some time on FB, still pissed that my friends there won't give credit where credit is due, if they don't like the person/team/etc. which did the good deed. And they refuse to believe their heroes were sometimes not as heroic as their enemies.

Another put-off chore was removing the stopper in the bath tub. I went online for directions, which turned out to be not wrong exactly but backwards. The stopper is easily removed by unscrewing it from the base, which takes an ordinary pair of pliers. What comes out is the stopper and the post which screws into the base. The post is attached to the stopper with a small screw, which is inaccessible until the stopper is removed from the tub. The directions said to lift up the stopper, hunt for that screw and loosen it. Wrong.

Took out the laptop, ran Windows Update, and left it charging. The Dell laptop loses charge a lot when it is idle, something the dreaded MacBook does not.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles, to which I added a few sourdough medallions. Switched between two very good football games, both just after halftime. Texas A&M was beating the crap out of UCLA in the Rose Bowl, 44-17 or something like that. West VA and VTech were tied, or close to it.  Someone at UCLA lit a fire under their QB, and they won 45-44 in the final minute. Which made me miss the end of the VA game, but I don't have much interest in that except the brother of a friend teaches at VTech. And a nephew lives in VA. It was still close at the end.

Took out the garbage, which meant moving the car, and chatting with Lee, who had a lot to talk about, little of which I understood. Watered all the gardens, then pulled the car back where it normally lives, and plucked the USB drive so I could do one more chore. Cleaned up the folders which had duplicates, and combined all the pop music 78s into one folder, which meant some YouTube searching to name them, and finally pulling out the original discs and playing them to match two Harry James instrumentals.

That done, I searched and discovered I was right, I had deleted all my Thai music. On purpose - I had a lot of crap I never listened to, and everything else was just a tune or two, when I wanted whole albums. So now I'm ripping just the artists I want, and started this evening with the 5-CD set of the late great King Rama 9's compositions, performed by various jazz bands as a tribute. He was a world class composer, in the style of American 1940's music. Songs are sometimes in English, mostly in Thai. English was his first language.

I'd already ripped my current favorite's many CDs, Rose Sirinthip, and a duo named New & Jew, and another fave Bua Chompu. Am now doing Tata Young, who has had a couple of hits in America. She's American-Thai, she also sings in Japanese and Hindi. On the pile are Ploy, Pancha, Parn and more N&J. I have a ton more Thai CDs. but that's because I buy compilations, and then when I like a particular song I'll buy that artist's CD(s). Which sometimes only have the one good song on them.

I've taken my oral meds, need to shoot up soon.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home Depot, get a washer for the tub stopper
Maybe go to Ardenwood for the rail faire. I always get good photos there
Maybe see the latest Spiderman movie.
Get to bed on time

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