Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Air Con is still dead

Up about 15 minutes after the alarm. Out the door on time-ish. At work 10 minutes early, grabbed breakfast and 2 diet Cokes because it was going to be hot. The HVAC guy who fixed the unit last time was back (Friday they sent the clowns who had wasted three weeks pretending they were waiting for parts). He said a high pressure line had burst, and considering it got up to 120° it was not a surprise. Once again the inept facilities bozos posted warning signs on all the doors saying the aircon was down till Thursday, but didn't bother to come inside and tell us.  I saw the signs when I went out for lunch.

In work news, I finished up the testing I had been doing Friday, and then next door engineer made some hardware changes on the box so we could re-test the automation which had killed the video last week. The hardware change took the board out of the loop which we thought was the issue. But it failed in the same way. So he brought me another unit, I upgrade the firmware and it failed too. That all took till 5:15pm.

Lunch was Lean Cuisine Thai ginger beef, tapioca pudding and a few artichoke hearts. Halvah for dessert. Returned to the hole with a cup of ice and another diet Coke. Pre-lunch Hgl was 80, way too low under the new protocol, so I had half a real Coke with lunch. Poured out the other half 'cause I don't like the taste anymore.

There was some serous eye candy at breakfast time, a couple at lunch too. None when I took a break to tell engineer (who had gone to the break room to cool off)  the unit had failed, got another cup of ice.

Straight home. Traffic was heavy and stupid. IFH light took two cycles, which allowed a pair of bicyclers to make it dangerous. There is a bike lane leading to it, but that disappears just before the intersection, and doesn't return for 3 blocks.

Delivered was a bunch of stuff. 6 small squeeze bottles of tooth gel, 9 bottles of shower soap (3 bottles each of three Nivea "flavors"). And a wireless shutter release kit for the Nikon D800. Spook sat on the bed as I opened the boxes, but as soon as I tried to pet her she ran away.

Watched Pardon The Interruption, which I have missed when I cut the cable. Also caught up on To Tell The Truth, which reached new lows of professionalism. Thank goodness for the skip feature on Tivo.

Yet to do tonight - get the shirts out of the dryer and hang them up

Spook went all kinds of crazy while I was watching TV, she burrowed under the hall runner about 1/4 of the way, and just stayed there. Eventually she moved to a spot a foot in front of my feet, rolled over and played dead, except for the meowing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hope for rain & lower temps
Maybe sync with Boss

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