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A little early as the big USB drive slow formats

As previously posted, woke up at about 5 or 5:30, insomnia was trying to set in, but only lasted a few minutes. Back to sleep, the lights and alarm were not as effective as they usually are. It took 3 tries to find a TuneIn Radio station which wasn't playing loud jazz instrumentals.  I like vocals when I'm getting ready. New container of tooth gel is the same size as the one I donated to the hotel in Helsinki, on purpose because who wants an open thing of gooey stuff in the suitcase? It was warm, and not as much a gel as a liquid, so I ended up wearing some of it. No worries, next step is the shower anyway.

Dressed and medicated and out the door at 8:25, at work 15 minutes early. Dropped off my cooler in the hole then went across the street for the traditional banana, HB egg and Diet Coke. Also grabbed some cheese.

Not much to do, so I ran the weekly test on the unit I'd smoke tested, and slapped its data into the spreadsheet, and saw something wrong. The spreadsheet is divided into tabs for each model, and the top column says the model name. The first two columns were the wrong model. Checked my folders, and I had mislabeled two test runs. All the data was good, I just needed to cut and paste it into the right tab. Took about a minute.

Lunch was pretty solitary - small turkey pot pie, tapioca pudding for dessert. Finished quickly, thought Boss would come over to sync up, but she didn't.

Back to the hole, with the window open it was very pleasant, about 76° and I watched Thai talent shows released on YouTube today (yesterday Thai time).

#2 engineer from next door grabbed me to help set up so he could run that test I had broken his machine with. He really just needed the command line syntax and the clue to not set anything up on the test unit except the network connection. I'll find out tomorrow if he broke it.

His Google counterpart in the other building messaged me about a bug I'd been seeing, saying it worked for him. Turns out he was using a different app on his TV. But then I discovered that my personal cell phone ran the app just fine, so at go-home time my Google-issued phone was doing a factory reset.

Pit stop, stream of consciousness went like this:
My posture is poor.
Maybe if I stood up straighter I would look and feel better and walk faster
Remember Omar Batiste from folkdancing? He had the best posture. He was very elegant.
I wonder what he's up to? Last time I looked he was leading tour groups through Turkey.
Looked him up.
Found an article about him in the Seattle paper.
It said he died at 74, 6 years ago. Cancer.
It was an excellent article, described him well, added some things I did not know about him, and filled in some gaps in what I did know.

Home, delivered was a small bottle of meds and the Tuesday flyers. UPS said there was a pair of shoes en route too, but "out for delivery" in my neighborhood often means "in your dreams". **

Spent about an hour making my two folders of music into one folder, while formatting the USB drive I've been using in the car, and giving it a different name. It will take a long time (probably overnight) to copy it all over. Starting now (9:40) because it just finished formatting.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, and fudge cake a la mode. "In the fashion". Such a classy French phrase. Watched the news on Tivo, "Alexa, turn on Tivo" turns on the TV and home theater audio system to the Tivo connection (the Tivo itself is always on). Found the Tivo controls on the phone app for the Harmony Hub, and they worked fine, once I figured out where everything was (there are 6 screens, flippable horizontally).

Played what was listed as Pardon The Interruption, but Tivo's ability to follow a program by name sucks, ESPN moved it from ESPN to ESPN2 but Tivo recorded the former, so I got some crap show plugging fantasy football. A panel of millenials. Gag me.

**UPS dropped off the shoes at about 8:30. Didn't ring the doorbell. Spook came out from under the hall runner and sat up, which clued me there was a visitor.

So here I am journaling.
Plans for tomorrow:
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