Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Boring, depressing day

Woke up to nasty weather. A thick layer of low clouds, temps in the 60's, windy, extremely humid, a wee bit of wetness leaking from the sky - no doubt the cloud seeding effect of all the ash & smoke from the various fires.

Left for work a little early, wanting to beat the crowds of parents being brought to work. Traffic was very slow and stopped a few times. Way too many cars on the road.

Went to the break room and loaded my cooler with breakfast  and took it to the hole. The air conditioning unit had its covers off, there were two repair trucks nearby. All the HVAC techs around here, from both companies, show up in their own van. Even when they will be at the same site all day working together. Spoiler alert - by the time I left they still hadn't fixed it. Today was a reprieve for them, temps never got above 80.

I ran one weekly test, which took all morning, cut & pasted the results and then went to lunch. Stouffer's chicken a la king. My last lunch-sized frozen meal.

I ran out of useful things to do, so I logged into LJ and added two of three dorm mate stories. I don't like to do that from my work machine, because in theory everything is logged, but the hole is not on corpnet, we use a tripe-login process to access email and corporate web sites, but I don't think my LJ entries would be trackable. Still don't like doing it.

Also spent some time by the open window, enjoying the breeze and the slow but steady flow of employees leading around parental units. And there was a constant flow of tour buses, because the main gathering point was a couple of miles away at the amphitheater, and most of the 'rents wanted to buy merchandise, the company store being on my street.

Manager across the street claims something I have never been able to get to work was working fine for him. He had a different build, but that should not have mattered. So I re-tested on three different machines, using two different remotes, and saw 8 different results. Totally baffled, but it looks like my go-to test equipment is flaky. I took it home, but couldn't think of a valid test with my home equipment, and just as I wrote that (at midnight) it dawned on me that I can try it on my NVidia Shield TV box. Kick me.

Watched the first half of the KC/Pats game on Tivo, paused it at halftime and drove to Safeway to restock lunch meals. And a bunch of other things. Safeway now has house brand marinated artichoke hearts for less than the equivalent brand name ones at Grocery Outlet, so I bought 4 jars. They never expire.

I don't know how, but my brain pointed me in the wrong direction for the Safeway I wanted. It's the closest one to me, but somehow I headed for the furthest one before Santa Clara reared it's pointy head. Made a U-turn and drove way too far to get where I wanted to be. The good news is the trip home was short. Still had some battery left.

Dinner started with steamed sourdough medallions and salmon dip, then the expensive chicken biryani frozen dinner I'd bought, to test the claim someone made that it was really kao mok gai disguised in a sari. It isn't, but it was good. Dessert was a coke float with mint chocolate chip ice cream. I love fishing out the chocolate chips at the end. And like how the ice cream crystallizes on the outside. Nummy.

Enjoyed watching the Chiefs overtake NE and crush them. For all the praise about Tom Brady, he can't run.

Plans for tomorrow:
CHM film night. What do they call it? Film festival.

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