Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another late one.

Blame Chris Garcia.**
Up at the crack of alarm, out of bed straightaway. AG phoned while I was still packing my cooler, I called him back 15 minutes later when I was on the road.

At work 15 minutes early, grabbed breakfast and took it to the hole. Another day of cool, humid, cloudy weather, so the fact that the air conditioner was still down was not an issue, but the fact that nobody was working on it was. Hot weather predicted for Monday-Tuesday.  I took down some of the signs saying it would be fixed by last Wednesday, and updated the work ticket asking for the overdue update.

Updated the last of the three machines, and tried to run the automated test, but it failed right away. Put back the previous build and it failed again. I emailed the programmer, he filed a bug. Lots of troubleshooting, which just made things more puzzling.

Also re-ran the stumper from yesterday and got better results. Consistent passes on two machines, consistent fail on the third.

Wrote the last dorm-mate story (above). I probably have B&W photos of his girlfriend at the bottom of my stash of negatives, but it would be hard to find them. I can't find a photo of her online.

**After work I drove straight to the CHM, which got me a good parking spot but I was an hour early (I thought the event started at 6). Friday nights at the CHM is a food truck gathering & outdoor beer garden. I just can't bring myself to buy food from roach coach (I tried a couple of times at Google, but it sucked) and beer is not my friend.

It was the silicon valley science fiction film festival, aka the unpronounceable SVSFFF. Chatted with founder/MC johnnyeponymous before the stairs to the hall were opened, and again after the show. A very eclectic selection of 18 short movies from all over the world.  Sitting in the audience looking over the program, the guy next to me asked who Kurt Vonnegut was. I thought he was pulling my leg, local guy in his 30's, but he had never heard of him. So I named some books and the guy behind us chimed in with some anecdotes about working for his PR agency. One of the films was from Russia, quotes in Russian with English subtitles using a stuffed KV doll in rudimentary animation.

My favorite was called The Red Thunder, which starred two redheads, mother & daughter. Mom is a podiatrist, Dr. Thun. Her license plate says THUN DR. Here's the trailer: https://youtu.be/j6GOFIw7xuw

A close second was Social SNAFU, where Facebook comes to life.

Out by 9, home by 9:07.

Collected most of the path lights and put them in the shed. I had gone overboard, the house looked like Diwali. Now there are only lights on the corners - two in front of the rose garden, two in front of the front garden and one in front of the marigolds - corner of the carport.

Dinner was beef pot pie, lime soda & ice cream.

Watched PTI and 3/4 of Penn & Teller FU.

Delivered were stamps, including a sheet of the eclipse ones which are thermal reactive, and because it made me laugh, a stamp commemorating the repeal of the colonial stamp act.

Still haven't received my wallet. The tracker app they gave said it arrived in the USA on 9/2.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Try on the SAS shoes which have been waiting patiently in their box.
Lunch buffet at Mt. Everest Himalayan Restaurant
Maybe see a movie.
Definitely watch some college football. Maybe Fresno State vs. Alabama.

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