Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another late one

Slept in as planned. Spook spent a lot of time getting face rubs on the bed. She likes how my knuckles feel in the sides of her face, under her ears. She is starting to get over her aversion to being petted on the back, but it's on again off again.

Ready & dressed by 11, found a bit of the USB music project which was left undone. Turns out I had a 4th folder with all the tunes ripped to wav files, and most of them had another folder of them in mp3.

Formatted the drive again and re-copied the music folder, now (I think) arranged to my liking.

The car sorts all the music files alphabetically, regardless of how many folders deep it is. If I tell it to play all the files, it starts with Al Jolson's A Quarter To Nine, and continues with Ella Fitzgerald's version. And from there through the A's in order. I can have it voice search & play any song by name, it will find it unless it's in a foreign alphabet. Most Thai songs I need to find manually.

12:30 I broke away from the project and went to The Everest Cafe in Mountain View, which had rave reviews, among them best new restaurant. I give it a B+. The buffet had a lot of items, but the fare is Indian, I didn't see anything Nepalese. No momas at brunch, the man said, and that's sad because that's what I'd come for. The kheer rice pudding was water in which rice had been made, with not actual pieces of rice, and it was not a pudding, just watery. But the spices in it were unique. Cardamom flavor was very strong. All the dishes I tried were good. Lamb vindaloo, butter chicken, basmati biryani rice, tandoori chicken. There was salad which I made the mistake of putting mint spicy liquid on instead of salad dressing. The naan was not fluffy - may not have been fresh.

All the tables seat 4 people, so not a place to take a date.

Back home, had some real dessert, and watched Fresno State drop all the passes and not do nearly as well against Alabama than Bama's play would have allowed. All the bulldog receivers wore gloves, and it was clear they could not feel the ball well enough to grab it when it hit their hands. On the 30% of the time their QB was on target. The defense did better, keeping them in the game till about halftime.

Then on to the movies, for the 5:45 showing of Spiderman Homecoming which when I arrived was listed as 5:25. It was already underway, dark theater, with Tine Daly on screen in a totally throw-away role. The place was pretty full, I finally found a seat toward the back far corner. The big WTF was the crying children. PG13 doesn't mean bring your 5-year-old, asshole.

I didn't like the movie much. The first 15 minutes after Tine was a totally worthless MTV style (as in no style at all) Peter Parker video diary of a trip to Berlin which didn't connect with anything else in the movie. Except he was in a taxi with Tony Stark.

Other gripes:
The girl he has the hots for is not a redhead. In fact, there are no redheads among the front row high school students. The actress who plays her, and supposedly likes him, is completely unconvincing. The final easter egg was not worth waiting for. On purpose. Paltrow gets maybe 45 seconds of screen time.

I liked most of the special effects, but they were used too repetitively. Peter's best friend is way more annoying than he ought to be and not be murdered. The actress who plays the resident JD is stellar. She goes by only her first name, Zendaya. It was freaky that Batman plays the villain.

Home, dinner was a turkey meal, cake a la mode.

Watched the UW-Montana game recording, but since the previous game ran long, the recording stopped 3 minutes before the end of the game. Three real minutes, not game time minutes. I see the score didn't change 63-7. Montana payed better than the score indicated, and worse. The 7 points was for an interception touchdown which should have been called back for pass interference. Two legit touchdowns were called back on penalties, and Montana converted several 4th downs, which tells me they may not have a decent field goal kicker.

Put away two loads of laundry. Watered all the plants. Put away a dishwasher load. Poured out all the water in Spook's fountain, because the filter had leaked charcoal all over the bowl. Threw out the filter & refilled the fountain.

Delivered was one cheerleader calendar. There were supposed to be 2 in that box. and another shipped separately. And it's just a 2018 calendar, not the usual 2017-2018 football season months. Thanks, Broncos. Used to be all the teams had 18-month cheerleader calendars, but now only a few do. Dallas has changed to a "sidelines moments" calendar, Seahawks has a swimsuit calendar but it's $25. They cost $4 to print.  

Plans for tomorrow:
I really need to put on socks and try on those shoes
Maybe catch another movie
Or just watch football
Take out the garbage.

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