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Mister Eclectic

Quickly? Maybe

It was a bad sign that at 7:30 am it was muggy & 76°. Up and at 'em before 8:30, at work 20 minutes early. And that was with bad timing on lane choices.

Grabbed breakfast - for a change there were full-sized bananas.

At the hole, HVAC guys were conspicuously missing, and all the panels were still off the unit. They never did show up.

First thing there was email to test a feature, but the app I needed said it was incompatible with the tester phone I've been given. And it wasn't in the browser version of the app at all. And the box they wanted a double-check on I don't have a power supply for.

Tried to run some automation tests, but all three machines failed early. One was expected, because it's way pre-release, but not the other two.

Lunch was artichoke hearts, turkey tetrazini and rice pudding.

Rushed back to the hole to see Boss changing our sync to 3:30. But it was good I was there, because 2 pm visit from MFG tech arrived early. He had the connectors I didn't have and was able to un-brick one TV and took the other two for more work. What I thought was the issue turned out to be a good guess. I need to update the one he fixed, but didn't have a big enough USB drive. I'll bring one tomorrow.

Boss never showed up. At about 4 she messaged that stuff came up. She asked:
How's the aircon?
Me: What aircon?
Boss: Bugger. If it gets too hot go home.

It didn't get too hot, but came within 1 degree. And I am glad I stayed because at about 5:15 there was a massive thunderstorm which started with distant thunder, then flashes of lightning, then closer thunder. And rain. Big droplets but not dense. Then big & dense. And a BOOMCRASH almost simultaneous with the FLASH. Rocked the building. No sirens, though, odd since we're only a few blocks from a fire station.

I stuck around an extra 45 minutes, until the thunder was far away and no visible flashes. The car's automatic wipers needed a nudge at first, and never kept up with the speed they needed. But I'm from Seattle so I didn't take them off intermittent. I think that's a law.

UPS store had a line, a hazard of only being open till 7. I dropped off the shoes, and as for the Xfinity envelope, the clerk pointed out that Comcast includes a return label (which I had not seen because I only opened the package enough to see it was the missing cable card). So we slapped that on and she will tape up the envelope and send it back.

Home the long way, California Ave through downtown MV to Evelyn, then Fair Oaks to the 'hood. Completely forgot I was going to stop in at Walmart near UPS and grab some USB drives.** Blame the rain and people driving like they had never seen water before, and were afraid it was Ice-9.

Home, delivered was a box from NFLShop. The packing list said there were two calendars, but there was only one thing in there, and though technically it was a calendar, it was really a heavy booklet filled with cheerleaders posing in swimsuits, which is nice, but the thing was not made to be hung on a wall, which is what I thought I was buying. So with two strikes, I went online to email them, but they only have two ways to contact them - online chat, which closes at 5 ET, and 7x24 phone. So I called, and got a message which basically said "We are in Florida, but right now we're probably stuck in traffic somewhere in Tennessee or maybe Canada, or heading for Atlanta in a kayak, so don't hold your breath." Click.

So I fired up Monday Night Football, which I was surprised to see at 7:30 was only in the first quarter. Later they explained it was a double header. The game went down to the wire, and I am royally pissed because the Denver coach called time out so late that the kicker kicked the ball and it was good. Second time around he missed, and Denver won by 3 points. I would like that rule changed. And once again stupid announcers made me mentally list my peeves. Today's is "play-action". It tells nothing. The correct term is "fake hand-off".

Dinner was shrimp egg rolls & orange sauce, cole slaw and cola + orange soda. Cake a la mode for dessert.

Spook brought me her fuzzy baseball-sized ball to play catch. She went completely bananas with it, knocked it into the office, and then hid under the hall runner, stalking it. And then she got bored, ran the length of the house into the bedroom and back, and curled up a foot from my feet. After a bit we played some more, until she needed to groom herself.

Also delivered was a box of dino poop I bought on eBay. A little disappointing, I thought some of the pieces would have been polished, but none were. This is a gift for my contract rep, but I don't think it's good enough quality to make jewelry out of. I'll give her the box next time we get together, and she can dispose of it as she likes.

Bought a ticket for the play at Pear Ave Thursday night. Not sure if I'll have my nails done before, or tomorrow.

**Shit for brains just logged in to Amazon where he was reminded that he had four USB drives somewhere he bought for the trip to Helsinki but never used. I think I put them in my laptop bag.

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