Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Is it Friday Yet?

Yesterday felt like it should be Friday, today doubly so.

Up too late reading, stayed in bed till 8, somehow got to work on time, and did the usual routine there.

Tried to update the TV which the mfg tech resurrected, but it didn't recognize the USB drive's files as upgrade files. It thought it was a media drive. Emailed the tech, and long story short, the files I had were for a newer TV, and the one he restored couldn't repro the bug I was chasing anyway. Six tries and some deep email plunges later, I found a TV and files which matched, and started trying to reproduce the bug - and discovered two things:
1. The test video was very racy
2. A much more serious bug, easily discovered by customers.

Here's the racy clip (not safe for work except. apparently, where I work):

That took all day. Lunch was Lean Cuisine Korean beef, artichoke hearts and I think I skipped dessert because Mark Twain's writing was making me late. I am amazed at how well his language holds up more than 150 years later.

Still no work on the HVAC. If no one shows up tomorrow, facilities gets a nastygram. It was very humid, temps "only" got up to 90 outside but it was stifling.

Still having a bad run of luck with solitaire, it took several hands before I won.

Home at 5:45, too late to go for a manicure (last call is 6).

Turned on Tivo, intending on watching The Orville, but instead of the premiere of this comedy I have been waiting weeks for, local Fox News preempted it to show 30 minutes of hurricane damage on the other side of the country. The new may have been pushed late for Monday Night Football. Maybe.

So I installed the Fox app on the tablet, fired up the BT headphones and watched it on there, after a way too involved free sign-up. Tried to cast it to the NVidia, but it lost the aspect ratio and I couldn't fix it so, back to the tablet. And the app kept timing out and losing its place, skipping ahead. And it plays 5 commercials at every break. I could do without hearing the yeast infection one 10 times.

I really liked the show. I knew Seth would be good, but the whole cast are winners. Nice to see Victor Garber in a fitting role. Special effects are excellent, lots of species, major make-up/masks. etc. Good script, well directed and edited, technically super. Looking forward to Tivo catching it next time, so I can FF past commercials.

Watched/listened to the Giants/Cowboys game from yesterday. Or maybe it was Sunday. Good to see a Manning get trounced. Never liked Eli much.

One more football announcer peeve: "give" is a verb. There is no such thing as "the give is to number 45". It's a hand-off. Or you can say "the QB gives the ball to..."

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - maybe Boss and I will sync
Svale library 6:30 stupid-assed table scraps recycling program explanation where I intend to rise heck. Keeping table scraps in a container in the kitchen for a week is downright unsanitary. God gave us disposals for a reason.

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