Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And It's Only Wednesday

Up at 5 to pee, got back to sleep so deeply that the 7:30 alarm & lights were a total surprise.

Very humid, but contrary to the weather cretins' forecasts, it did not rain last night. No lightning either.

At work about 9:15, the last 10 minutes waiting for cars to get out of my exit-only lane.

Grabbed breakfast. Several people in the break room working, or pretending to.

The hole was muggy, but bearable, with the window open.

Email to run a test on a new build of the James Bond unit, spot check showed they did not fix what they said they fixed. Made it fail more consistently, which actually is a good thing. It shows they are in the right part of the code.

Lunchtime surprise - the asshats somewhere at corp turned on the magnetic door lock on the front door, which needs a lot of encouragement to open from the inside, and is impossible from the outside without a key card, which I don't have. Had to walk around to the back door to get in after lunch.

Some cute tiny women in the break room today, but they didn't stay long. Tuna noodle casserole.

Spent the rest of the day slogging through the test, to be continued tomorrow. 

5:30 had to fight my way out of the building. Very slow drive to Sunnyvale Library, but got there early for the 6:30 presentation. While I was waiting, the presenter, whose harebrained idea the table scraps recycling was, asked me if I had any questions. I asked how to opt out. Snot possible, he said. They have spent megabucks to give us new split-cover garbage bins and a fleet of trucks to handle them. 19 cents a month added to our garbage bills, which he doesn't think is a tax.

They had a slick Youtube video, and stats which showed clearly that mobile home parks were an utter failure during the 9-month beta test, Why 9 months, not a full year? Nobody asked. I just sat in the back being amazed at how one man was able to make this stupid idea happen. They will be rolling out the new bins over the course of 7 weeks, but he did not have a schedule he could share. He expects everyone to leave their current bin out at the curb all day and overnight on garbage day for the next 7 weeks. Idiot.

The beta program had a 73% participation rate over 9 months and 500+ households. I'd bet real cash dollars that by the end of the test it was way lower. And the high number is a function of the old psych 101 axiom that people always support a new program if they are given special attention.

The presenter and his sidekick kept taking questions long after they became repetitive, I left at about 7:45.

On the way home, I saw BofA to the right just after I got stuck in the left turn lane, which had a red light forever. U-turn light was even longer. Next U-turn was not as long. It took three swipes of my card to open the door to the fancy new ATM lobby, all 4 stand-up ATMs and the three "teller assist/wheelchair accessible" ones were out of service.

Next stop was my favorite low-cost gas station, they were out of unleaded.

Next stop, BofA closest to home, got my cash and then drove home.

Dinner was Banquet chicken drumsticks and Green Hornet Giant corn on the quarter cob.

Email this morning from someone whose name didn't match her email address, asking if I was the one to talk to about my web page's theater links page. I replied that yes, I was, but it's a personal web site dealing with theater in the south bay, so let me know if your question is about that. Quick reply saying she was off to a meeting, and would send more info later. As if I cared.

After lunch, email from her pimping a site in NYC totally unrelated to theater, and pretty much useless for anything else. It claims to be a search engine for real estate titles and such, but the search engine returns nothing. I sent email saying she's an idiot, get off my lawn.

Watched PTI,  enjoy it more when both of the regular hosts are there, which was not the case this time.

Today's find at work, on an app called Haystack TV, the sports channel has a program called The Fumble, which features a single sexy young woman presenting sports gossip. One spokesmodel per episode, but several are rotated in during the day.

Also watched some more I Can See Your Voice/Thailand - today's episode featured three noisemakers and three astoundingly good singers.

I especially like the one at 33:31

Love her outfit too.

And the final performance made my eyes leak. Some backstory - the format is there is a special guest star famous singer who may offer to do a duet with a contestant whom she hasn't heard sing. This one was so good she was given a solo encore. FF to 1:10:05.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off NFLShop package at PO
Finish up the test, start another.
Make a manicure appt for 6
Manicure at 6
See the play at The Pear at 8

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