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The Finnish tracking app stopped updating after 9/2 when the package with my wallet hit the USA. I had no idea where it went from there, and no way to find out because that info is only available to people with a login, and only people with a Finnish or Swedish bank account or credit card can get a login. So getting the delivery notice in the mail last night was the first hint I had that it was USPS.

Up with the alarm, and out the door early, at the PO just after it 8:30 opening, no line, and signed for the package, which had been sent registered mail. There was no customs stamp, so the only thing I can think of it is arrived on the east coast and the hurricanes slowed it down. Still, it shouldn't have taken 2 weeks.

Opened the package in the car, and was amused that not only were all the things in it except the cash, the pickpockets even left three credit card receipts.

Early to work, the usual routine. Today's YouTube and 3rd party news apps were all about Cassini, which bit the dust of Saturn at about 4 am Pacific. I also watched a lot of 49ers post-loss angst.

And it was a day of updates. The previous posting was done on my laptop, at work, but there were Dell and MSFT updates to install on it. Then my Huawei phone wanted an update, and then my work Nexus 6 phone. And since it was Friday, the latest firmware for one of the STBs, and ran the automation test on it.

5:30, answered a Q from a product manager on messenger, and left.

HVAC company had two trucks there today, but the machine is still open and not working. Next week forecast says it won't be needed till a week from Sunday.

Home, traffic was relatively light. Opened all the doors because the house was 10 degrees warmer than outside, and outside was a good inside temp. Watered the front garden. The purple basil is pretty much dead, and I don't know why.

In the park slot was a sheet about the new table scraps program, and some actual specific dates. 10/9 is when the exchange is scheduled, 10/16 if you forget to leave your cart out.

Did not have Thursday Night Football on auto-record, but there were two episodes of PTI to watch.

Beef pot pi, ice cream.

Sat on the porch rocking chair to watch hummingbirds, but only 2 showed up. Inside, Spook raced the length of the house a few times, after getting her claws caught in the screen door.

No deliveries.

Transferred all my cards & cash to the old wallet. The new one is the same make & model, but it's leather and the old one is stretched enough that it isn't a challenge anymore to extract the cards from it.

After taking inventory, I shredded both the BofA cards which had been in reported stolen, as well as the clipper card. I've set aside the GOES card, turns out the replacement has a newer number on the back, and the Mastercard, which is still good. I got a replacement, but didn't report it lost or stolen. Threw out the biz cards, they had the European SIM phone numbers on it.

On FB I looked up the bimbo from last night. and it seems she was married and had kids since 2001. However it also looks like she is single again and working from home. And maybe home schooling the kids. Maybe. And since being in the show with her, I have been in shows with two other people who share her maiden name. I don't think they are related. Though I suspect that the guy from Little Shop of Horrors is related to the gal from Babes in Toyland.

Need to watch the last half of the Cassini press conference. Linda Spilker, whom I saw give two or three update lectures at Foothill College, had the best line - "Thanks for the ringside seats".

Plans for tomorrow:
Lowe's, need a replacement for a broken hose nozzle, and some ant traps. And maybe a replacement for the dwarf orange tree on the porch which hasn't done much in 2 years.
Pull the pawpaws and set those three big pots aside. Those three saplings are not surviving.
Maybe go downtown and Ingress. Or go to the park down the block. I'm pretty much out of resonators. Haven't played much in a month. Kept forgetting in Helsinki.

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