Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

First Sunday

Slept so in this morning that I had to keep checking to see if it was Sunday. Noon hgl reading was high, until I realized that by noon all my insulins had worn off. Considering that, it was okay.

Did not have a proper lunch till I got back from Lowe's, around 2:30. I got everything on my list, plus a couple of sweet basil plants, a seedless lime tree which had baby limes growing on it, and a yellow rose bush. And 4 miracle grow garden soil bags (they only had the small ones, but my rationalization is they are easier to wrangle than the big ones).

Home, plugged the car back in 'cause I was going to go out again.  Put the miracle grow and the rose bush in the wheel barrow I'd lugged from behind the shed, and parked them at the end of the drive against the house.

Pulled the not quite dead dwarf orange bush out of its way too heavy clay pot, did not realize orange bushes had long sharp thorns, and as a result decorated the porch with a lot of dirt. It was hot and I was hungry so left the mess & went inside. Lunch was a salami sandwich, cole slaw on the side. Two soil-filled small pots were brought in from the porch where they had failed to grow rose cuttings, and the two basil plants were planted into one of them, the other's soil was dumped on an uncultivated part of the carport garden. I was going to toss the two sweet basil plants already on the kitchen table, but maybe tomorrow.

Unplugged the car and headed for a new massage place. As I was backing out, a shit-4-brains Fedex driver decided that would be a good time to come up the driveway with a package. I almost hit him - I was looking the other way backing out, trying not to hit the wheel barrow. Had him leave the box on the steps.

The massage place is near a Togo's I had lunch at a lot when I was at Moto. There used to be a good massage place across the street, but it was sold and the new owners gentrified it. Made it a couples-friendly place.

Had a good massage, Chinese woman spoke good English. There was a horse figurine on the shelf, I asked her if the Chinese word for horse was "ma", which is what it is in Thai. She said yes, but it's a rising tone. In Thai. "ma" means horse, mother, dog, come in, and one other thing, depending on the tone. Looked it up, ghost/giant is the 5th one.

Home, was going to get a #9 at Togo's but there had been a spill, and it was cordoned off for mopping. But I did stop off at the Arab/Mexican/India market, and bought two jars of pistachio halvah from Lebanon. They don't carry the marbled chocolate ones, and the other brands were from Turkey, which means expensive and inferior. Also bought some ginger and a can of mini stuffed grape leaves. The line was slow, and long.

It was starting to get chilly and windy. Took the dustpan and brush and put all the dirt back into the clay pot. Pulled all three dying pawpaw saplings from their big pots, and a dying star jasmine from the front garden. Knocked the dirt off them on the compost heap and put them in the garden recycle bin. Dumped the soil from two of the pawpaw pots and the clay pot into the front garden, washed them out and set the pawpaw pots on the porch to dry and the clay pot and its clay water catcher next to a similar one on the edge of the front garden.

The third pawpaw pot I trowelled out the middle and transplanted the lime tree into it. That's now sitting where the orange bush was. The trowelled soil was added to the tops of the Thai lime trees and the bay laurel.

Work still to be done:
Dump the miracle grow in the front garden to build it up enough to plant the yellow rose, and also transplant two rose bushes which the juniper tree is killing in the corner garden, and put them in the front garden. I may also break out some rose fertilizer and dose the rose garden.

Watched the UW-Fresno game, and while I liked the big score the huskies piled up in the first half, after the first play of the 3rd quarter they didn't score again, and let Fresno score a couple of times. This means that like last year, the UW will be toast if it loses enough first stringers.

And again, the idiots in the booth spent more time talking about trivia than calling the game. And the idiot director kept cutting in medleys of previous plays so much that at times I had no idea which was the actual game and what was replay.

Dinner was falafel, mini stuffed grape leaves, artichoke hearts and spanikopita. Pistachio halvah for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe hang out downtown

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