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You Never Can Tell On FaceBoook

Lately FB's rules about who gets to see which friends-of-friends postings has relaxed a lot, and I'm seeing comments on friends' pages from friends of mine who do not have any connection to said poster other than me. It's interesting. And corollary to this, when I post something, it's sometimes a surprise who clicks one of the "like" buttons.

Took a while to decide to turn off the alarm and the lights at 7:30. Slept till 9, with the conscious thought that I would need a nap in the afternoon.

Did not go anywhere today, but Got Things Done™. One thing which took too long and was too awkward was extracting the three jugs of floor cleaner from the box. Jet.com had made a mess of three different deliveries in the past due to sloppy packaging (the crushed and leaking gallon of liquid hand soap was the last straw) but they were the only place which would ship this stuff for a reasonable price. The jugs were in sealed plastic bags, and the box was packed solidly with Styrofoam® peanuts. Had to scoop out a lot of peanuts, and find a bag to put them in, before I could pull out the jugs. And then I needed to make room in the laundry room cabinet for them, because Round 2 won't be today.

It was "only" 75F outside, so after some procrastination in the form of NFL football (Chiefs game I was not at all interested in) I finally donned a hat, grabbed my garden gloves, took the rake and shovel out of the shed and wheeled the bags of Miracle-Gro and the rose bush out front. There already was about 3 bags' worth of soil from the pawpaw pots, so I only added two more to the pile, raked it even, and dug a hole in the middle. Transplanted to rose bush from its container to the hole, and filled it in. Used the rake to make a moat in front like the book says to do.

Took the other two bags to the corner nearest the front steps, where a star jasmine sapling had been doing fine until it wasn't watered for 15 days in 100°+ weather. It's in the recycle bin. Took a look at the two roses I thought were dying under the neighbor's juniper bush, but saw that the furthest one had healthy leaves on a sturdy branch pointing away from the juniper, so I left it to thrive there among the other roses.  Dumped the two bags of soil onto the chosen spot, dug a hole in the middle and dug out the nearest rose bush by the juniper and plopped it into the Miracle-Gro. Watered them both.

That work pooped me out pretty badly, so I went inside to recover, after putting the tools back in the shed.

Had to back up the car to get the wheel barrow back to behind the shed, and also to make room to wheel out the garbage and recycle bins. While I was wheeling out the garden recycle bin, across the street neighbor Lou came over to ask me how much it had cost to paint my house, because in the last inspection they told him to paint his, which didn't really need it. He can't afford it, either. He made the mistake of telling the park manager that he can't afford to paint, and was upset that the park manager said he would pass that along to corporate. Nothing to worry about, corporate had told us to ignore that last inspection except for safety issues.

It takes a long time to get either one of us to shut up, so we talked for maybe half an hour.

Inside, hunkered down to Tivo, watched the Seahawks-49ers game, which was sad. Both teams have apparently provided their receivers with KY jelly to put on their gloves. Or something. Some way off target passes as well, and both teams were launching running up the middle plays as if they still had Marshawn Lynch and Frank Gore. Both defenses did a great job up front. Seahawks scored their first TD of the season, then missed the extra point. And once again, Tivo cut off the recording 5 minutes too soon, during a cliffhanger finish. I need to revise the settings on my wishlists.

Time to decide between a trip to downtown Starbucks with the laptop, or a nap. The nap won. 5-ish, I set an alarm for 8. Spook was already asleep in the bedroom doggie bed. Slept well for an hour.

This time The Orville was shown at the scheduled time, so I was able to watch it on Tivo, FF past commercials. I was not as impressed with this episode as I was with the first one, except the tech, which is superb. This one was too much all about Seth, and it ripped off Slaughterhouse Five. Kermit The Frog was a nice touch, though.

Dinner was roast beef & mashed & beans & shredded corn. Marie C does not know how to do veggies. Ice cream for dessert.

No time to watch the Raiders game. Tomorrow. maybe.

I signed up for a matchmaker site which was hyped on Coast To Coast AM, paranormaldate.com. Turned out to be free to join and create a major profile, but they want $19/month a year in advance to be able to read messages. Their search feature is pretty good, and showed me there is only one non-religious person in California in their database. I guess there are not a lot of atheists who believe in an afterlife. But to me paranormal is a lot broader than that. I haven't found the "delete my account" button, and am getting a steady stream of email from desperate people all over the country, plus three or four ads a day. I used Spook's email account.

Plans for tomorrow:
Probably Boss will miss our sync again, unless she's received a new box, which I'm not allowed to say anything specific about, for me to test.
Movie? Raiders replay?


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