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Lots delivered today

Up with the alarm and out early. Phoned AG, but lost the signal as I got to the work parking lot, which has been happening more lately.

Grabbed breakfast, there was a gaggle of young persons in the foyer, 3 male 3 female, some seemed to know each other.

Life in the hole was quiet, I needed to run a test on Netflix audio, so following up on a question I posted on Facebook, watched ST:TNG season 5 episode 2, Darmok. The answer to the question was "Shakah, when the walls fell". Nutshell synopsis, Picard is sent to make nice with an alien race which had sent a signal (the usual math progression thingie). But the alien ship captain and crew talk in name-value pairs, of sorts.

Paul Winfield, playing the alien captain, is superb. He does everything he can to encourage Picard to understand, but Picard thinks the guy wants to fight. All the Enterprise officers over-act and over-react, and that screws the pooch. Richard Allen, who plays the aliens' #1 also does a fine job. The race is called the Tamarians, and is never seen again, as far as I can tell. But in the course of the show we learn the meanings of several of those phrases. Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra is the main puzzle, which the Tamarian captain decides is the way to make friends. But Picard doesn't get it till it's too late. Long story short, Darmok and Jalad are warriors who separately sail to an island, are attacked by a beast and overcome it together, sailing away together.
Boss canceled once again, didn't send the message till our sync would have been half over. Rescheduled for tomorrow, but I'm not changing my lunch time again.

Lunch was 10 minutes early, much noise and my favorite table was occupied until 1 pm, when Mr Last-Minute bolted to go to wherever he was supposed to have been 5 minutes ago. Lean Cuisine Korean spiced beef. Halvah for dessert. Something's wrong with the current case of Diet Coke, after opening it turns foamy a little. Like it had been canned under too little pressure. Or left out in the hot sun.

Updated a couple of bugs, filed a new one which was seen earlier on a different build of a different box from the same chip maker.

Got caught up testing live feeds and 5:30 kind of snuck up on me.

Straight home because eBay said my Samsung Galaxy S8 was delivered, hoping that solves the bad signal problem. It also adds back barometer, hygrometer and temperature sensors.

Also delivered were 5 wall calendars, I miscalculated and bought all but one 2018. Or maybe 2017 wasn't available anymore. The 2017 one is on the wall, Miss September looks fine.

Online, processed a return for the dust devil, which turned out to be corded (I had bought the top recommendation amazon showed for cordless). Will tape it up tomorrow and drop it off at UPS.

It took more than an hour to copy my apps from the Huawei phone to the Samsung, but Samsung's xfer app is excellent. Popped out the SIM and SD cards, put them in the Samsung and had to override the Verizon default to get AT&T working, but the seller's web site had easy instructions. So easy that I hadn't realized it worked until I saw cell signal bars.  Took another hour to copy my screen look & feel, still have more to go.

Did a lot of that while watching Sunday's ATL-GB football game. Another cliffhanger, but this time it got the ending and then some. I've switched all my Tivo football recordings to keep going +3 hours after scheduled end.

May watch the Raiders game tomorrow. Maybe. Tonight's game looked dull, and it wasn't set to record. Teams I'm not interested in.

Still getting chuckles at lunchtime reading Life On The Mississippi. He's now back in his hometown 25 years after he left. The general consensus seems to be that the Clemens boy was an idiot, but somehow did well for himself, but would have done better had he moved to St. Louis, where if they don't know you're an idiot they treat you like you're not one.

Dinner was steamed sourdough English muffins with salmon cream cheese, a side of cole slaw, artichoke hearts and olives.  Lime soda. Famous Amos for dessert. Didn't use the microwave because it would have messed up the wi-fi transfer of files phone-to-phone. After the phones were done, I nuked some salami.

Also "delivered" was a refund for the SAS shoes.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS - return corded vacuum
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