Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

An OK Day

The usual (early) up & out. Aircon still busted, it got warm outside but with the window open inside was okay. Ran some long tests, and email between Boss and a partner prompted me to haul out the partner's test laptop and fire it up on the prototype James Bond machine.

Lunch was Asian beef & noodles, and halvah. Foamy Diet Coke was made palatable with a cup of ice. As I was leaving, I heard Thai being spoken by a small tour group which had come into the break room. I went over and chatted with them, they were way too complimentary on my Thai. They came from a Stanford event, and were at Google to take a look. One of them gave me his card when I told him where I had worked in Bangkok - his office is on the same street. He's on the 11th floor - much higher than the tallest building on the street when I worked there.

Boss moved our sync to 3:30, and actually showed up. With lots of news. One of the newses is Google contractors can only work for 2 years, which means she is looking for ways around that, or at least plans to keep me for that long. No chance of permanent, though. She probably got a ping from HR because my original hire date was in November, but I was extended through March 2018. November 2018 would be the 2-year limit.

Today was Talk Like A Pirate Day, and I got to talk Thai, which is probably close enough. Also posted the required Arrrr and a clip from Pirates of Penzance on FB. Can I embed it here?

Tomorrow after sundown is Talk Like A Rabbi Week. Or 10 days, actually. I ignore it, far far too much of a downer.

Been enjoying having some of the Samsung features/apps back. However, the battery runs out a lot faster than the Huawei.

Traffic was horrible, so I went to the nearest Safeway instead of home and not to my favorite one later. Bought 2 weeks of frozen lunches, the four things on my list, and some maraschino cherries and magic shell and on-sale Lindt very dark chocolate. I wanted to get their orange flavored one but they messed it up by embedding almond slivers. It's my bedtime treat, it needs to be something I can eat without my dentures in. And I don't like almonds.

Home, traffic was still bad, made worse by far too many bicyclists on a route which only has intermittent bike lanes, and some very dangerous non-bike-friendly intersections. I used to ride that route but used the sidewalk - rarely any pedestrians on it.

Fired up PTI, for once both hosts were there. Then watched the Raiders crush the Jets (recorded Sunday). The Jets actually looked good on average, and almost all the bad calls went against Oakland, but NJ  bogged down in the red zone. And Raiders corners were very good.

Not impressed with the cheerleaders, they look kind of average.

And the announcers were nasal and droned on. At least they stuck to the game, and the players. Not a lot of interruptions to show someone's plays out of context, but one is too many. I watched the 4th quarter in FF1, slow enough to follow, but it mutes the audio.

Dinner was Boston Market beef & noodles, followed by ice cream, the last of the crushed pistachios, maraschino cherries, magic shell & sprinkles.  Yum.

Egg cream just now. It needed more CO2.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - start some of those partner tests on a known good STB.

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