Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Why Am I Still Up?

Last night was late again, partly loading things on the new phone, partly being frustrated that the Verizon internals were messing with my AT&T SIM card.  And partly just not dropping off to sleep, as usual. It always takes me a long time to fall asleep. The Fabriq speakers have turned out to be a great help, controlled by an app, I use TuneIn Radio to find all kinds of music & sounds. The ocean sound would be better without the seagull squawks, and the rain sound really doesn't need thunder. There are a couple of "ambient" classical music stations, but so far they all get too loud or too frenetic. Mornings, I take a speaker into the bathroom, and listen to a big band station. KCEA locally is often the best, but their morning programming often has too many jazz instrumentals, Sausalito has too many ads, Smile Sussex does a good job of playing vocals but too often they are covers by (rightfully) unknown artists. Fung Fung Fung in Bangkok is entertaining until the obligatory ad shouters come on. Imagine every ad shouted like it was a NASCAR spot - welcome to Thailand.

I was still gathering stuff for my cooler at 9, AG called, way late for him. The new phone kept the signal going while I was in the work parking lot, usually on the not-new phone it broke up. But when AG left his work garage, we lost it.

Grabbed breakfast, sort of. Had to dig for a ripe banana and there were no HB eggs. Instead of the foamy Coke, I took a diet Mountain Dew.

Spent all day with the automated tests Boss wanted done, and need to continue tomorrow. She wanted a comprehensive list to show the partner where the test suite needed more work.

Lunch was an empty room. Spaghetti & meatballs. Mint milanos.

Janice texted me, her PC was hung and her router was blinking. It took a few tries to get her to call Comcast. Their outage report only works for the locality of the customer, tagged to your phone number. If I called all I'd get was for my neighborhood. Same for online. Comcast helped her through some settings, and I suspect they also rebooted her router.

Stuck around till almost 6, then drove to the UPS store where they printed a label to return the corded vacuum. I chose that store because it's close enough to Janice, in case she hadn't gotten her PC online. Amazon already sent the refund.

Home, the cordless vacuum was delivered. I unpacked it and it is charging. Will bring it to work tomorrow.

Dinner was herb roasted chicken, cole slaw and halvah-topped ice cream.

Watched PTI and tonight's news, until I got tired of watching reporters from the local station way far away covering disasters which had no place on a local newscast.

Filled out the form and cut a check for 2 display panels at next year's WorldCon. Plenty of time to figure out which photos to have printed on mounting board. I know one already, which will also be on the 2018 calendar.

Wrote to the phone seller on eBay that I'll be returning the phone. Normally an unlocked phone ignores the carrier it was locked on, but Verizon messes with the network settings, and the usual Android method for fixing that is disabled. Calling voicemail goes to Verizon voicemail, which thinks I don't have enough $$ in my account.  And so on.

Unfortunately, the seller only had Verizon and T-Mobile unlocked S8 phones, the few AT&T were S8+, which is too big and adds $100, so I found one elsewhere on eBay for about $40 more.

Meanwhile, I've put the SIM and SD cards back in the Huawei, reset the Samsung, and will do the Xfer thing all over again with the new S8.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe sync with boss, but probably not.
Watch some football. 49ers are playing the Rams. Should be another clash of the bozos.


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