Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

That was a surprise

Last pit stop was 5:20 am, next thing I knew the radio was on, and for a change Armstrong and Getty were talking about something interesting, and non-political. But then they broke for the traffic report so I hit the off switch, and put KCEA on the portable speakers. There was a really good and new to me novelty song from a Mom's POV about a 2-year-old wreaking havoc one minute and being too cute the next.

Out before 8:30, barely. Traffic was slower and more obstreperous than usual.

Got the last HB egg at the back of the fridge, and now all the bananas were overripe and bruised. These are not the under-ripe bananas which were there yesterday.

The test I was running when I left last night had stalled, probably when the MacBook's power save kicked in. Good thing I have the admin password for it, I needed to turn that off anyway for the rest of the testing.

All day was ambidextrous, with the screen in front of me troubleshooting one set of automated tests and the one to my right being manually tested using a brand new build of the just-released Oreo version of Android, aka 8.

Lunch was busy, my seat was taken by a new guy whose badge is still a big letter (means he is waiting for his photo ID). And he was on a thinkpad, probably his personal laptop. There is maybe one officially sanctioned Lenovo on campus for every million Macs. 

Spaghetti & meatballs, artichoke hearts and stuffed grape leaves, mint Milanos. Hgl was a little low so I took some peanut M&Ms back to the hole.

At about 3:30 I saw Boss and two others heading toward the hole, which is when I remembered I'd left the dust buster charging on the kitchen counter. It's now in the car, to be used tomorrow.

Boss brought along one of the engineers I'd met a long time ago, I can't remember which of two probable projects he's on, and a new hire, very tiny brunette woman who seemed just a tad overwhelmed, especially when Boss + engineer and I started talking about SPDIF audio, which I thought was a bug in the TV I was testing, but turns out it needed an Android TV general feature request, which I filed later.

More testing, stayed a few minutes late to start a batch run after something else was done.

Home by the back way because 101 was all about the 9ers game. Which is odd, because the back way is a more direct route to the stadium.

Nothing delivered, but email from the folks who sold the Samsung S8 with a link to a USPS prepaid label and instructions which claimed that a factory reset would still require my google account login, so I checked and it didn't. It wiped all my accounts. PIA because I had to go through the startup process to check it.

So, label printed and slapped onto a bubble mailer, with the phone & charger inside. I think I'll drop it at the PO either on my way to work tomorrow or Saturday morning.

Dinner was roast beef of some kind from Marie C and many steamed sourdough added medallions for the gravy. Watched the 49ers on Tivo delay, almost real time, but skipping commercials. Thursday night they don't annoy me with montages of a player's plays from earlier in the game, and they stick to calling the game for the most part. Their sidelines woman is DDG, and almost got enough face time. I don't like the 9ers in black, that's not them. The Rams in yellow fits them fine. First play of the game, Hoyer threw a pick 6, and it got a bit lopsided, but then some breaks started going the other way, and it was only bad play calling which kept the home team from tying the score in the last 3 minutes. They kept using their injured running back as if he was healthy and Marshawn Lynch or Frank Gore. It was sad to watch.

Heard thumping from the laundry room. Sheets I was washing with shirts got knotted around the shirts in the dryer. The sheets were dry, but not the shirts.

Spook, as usual, helped me strip the bed by diving under the fitted sheet and making a nest with it. She surely will provide similar aide when I make the bed. I think I'll put on the orange sheets.

It was a dark and stormy day, yesterday as well. Temps dropped into the low 60s. Usually October has some summer-like days, we'll see.

Many of my cookbook author's friends are all about something called an instant pot, which is a combo steamer and pressure cooker. And about $100. I almost ordered one until I remembered that I don't hardly cook anymore.

Fired up the laptop and updated it, and charged it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Vacuum around my desk
Maybe hang out somewhere with the laptop after work

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