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Could have taken a nap but it was too late...

Stayed in bed till 8 this morning because I had a package to drop off at the PO and they don't open till 8:30 and are on the longest of the back routes to work. Somehow didn't make it there till almost 9. Lots of parking, no line, which is going to change Real Soon Now as holiday rush starts in.

Grabbed breakfast, they re-stocked everything. Yay! And were starting to set up cafe tables in the hallway. For something not happening till tomorrow.

The tests I was running for Boss failed in different ways from yesterday, so I ran them two more times with two more different results. Which is actually good, because the whole point is to show the partner how very badly their automation sucks, and how we do a better job on our own devices.

To make things more interesting, the screen saver test on the other TV failed big-time, and it took a couple of hours to finally see I had to re-install the operating system to get it to behave itself. Round 2 Monday.

Lunch was kind of quiet, with two or three pretty ladies making a fly-by. Chicken a la King, stuffed grape leaves, artichoke hearts, mint milanos.

Before and after lunch there were many tour groups outside the hole, and it had cleared up/warmed up enough for many pairs of yoga pants to walk by. It is great bottom country when the conditions are right.

Stuck around a little late partly to make up for late arrival but mostly to get the weekend test running.

Parked the car in the garage and plugged in and went upstairs in the Googleplex to play Ingress. Everything was blue and linked multiple times, so all I did was hack and build up my reserves.

Fired up the laptop in what I thought was a closed cafeteria, but at 6:30 they opened the doors on the other side to the ravening hoardes, so I put the laptop away and sat outside to watch the view. They replaced the really cool Android statue with a cutesy one in honor of the "O" release.

Those things on top of the cookies are Google letters on a stick, Get 6 people to hold one and spell the name. Or three people to hold two.

There were three very different DDGs posing while I was there. A petite auburn haired woman with a face & poses of a model. A middle-aged Chinese woman in a very fashionable scarf top and tube dress, and a tall blonde in very tight stretch pants who was waiting for the bus to Redwood City. Very shapely behind, like  sculpture.

I went back into the cafeteria to grab a mango flavored cream puff but they were gone. Tried to fill a cup with soft serve, but it was liquid. That machine hasn't worked all year, you would think they would at least not fill that side.

Back to the car as the Chargepoint station beeped me to say it was done.

Home, traffic was bad for after 7, took the freeway but only to the IFH, where I luckily didn't have to wait for the light.

Nothing delivered or in the mailbox except a card from the agent who is selling two houses on my block, inviting me to sell mine.

Put some fish fillets and spring rolls in the oven and fired up Tivo, which had an episode of The Orville to watch. This one tackled the sex change at birth issue, after two guys from an all-male planet hatched a baby girl. I think it did okay showing many sides of the issue, though it was about twice as long as it needed to be, and the final twist did not have the hook it needed earlier in the show to be quite the "aha" moment it should have been.

Saw there were two episodes of Penn & Teller FU on the Tivo, watched one. I FF past the biographies which take up as much time as the magic act. They could have three more magicians a show without those. The magic acts are always superb and entertaining. And it's probably not magic that Alyson Hannigan's boobs have grown a lot since Buffy. Back then she was pretty flat. Now she can lose a zuchini in there.

Dessert was mint moose tracks ice cream. Needs no additions.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Maybe find someplace to shoot photos. If the weather be good.
Use that Armstrong stuff on the laundry room floor and the part of the kitchen I missed last time - which will mean moving Spook's food & water and the table with all the herb plants.

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