Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Way Too Tired

Nodded off twice in front of the TV today, despite a good night's sleep. Okay, maybe I should have gone to bed earlier. Hgl was far from low all day, so that's not the reason.

Spook helped wake me up at about 9, then curled back up in her doggie bed in the bedroom.

Breakfast was the last 4 house brand chocolate waffles, toasted. One less big box cluttering up the freezer door slots.

Football was sad today. Watched the Seahawks struggle against themselves, then the Raiders got skinned in DC. Love the Redskins cheerleaders' outfits, not so much the overdressed Raiders cheer gals. Seagals have also covered up a lot, but the Titan babes are in dresses, even more stuffy.

As promised. I went outside in daylight and pulled a lot more mint plants. There is a verbena bush which is overgrowing a lavender bush, and mint is growing under the combined pair. I got most of it, but the vines are thick. I do want new mint to pop up from the torn-out plants. Mint dries up and gets useless after it has gone to seed - while it is flowering the honey bees love it, so I had to wait till that cycle was done. Maybe I will move the lavender over to the other end of the carport garden, there's a spot between the two salvia plants. The overgrown salvia looks a lot better now, and there is still plenty for the pollinators.

I sat out on the porch for about an hour, sipping on lime soda and watching the hummingbirds not drinking from the feeders very much. I think the lavender food coloring may be confusing them. I thought it would be a magnet, since it's the color of the salvia flowers they love so much. So as a control, I dug out an old feeder with a 2-cup capacity and filled it with clear sugar water. Same proportions as the others. No takers that I saw, but didn't go out at dusk the check. Maybe tomorrow.

BB&B - exchanged a sodastream cartridge and bought one each of syrups - diet cola, diet root beer and diet ginger ale. I had a least one of each already, but they were on sale for $1 off (25%).

Starbucks, half an hour early, snagged a table outside, it was about 80° and a nice breeze. Laptopped until Janice showed up.** She had a lot of news, just returned from a trip to Germany & whatever country has the little mermaid statue. She was visiting a guy I'd met a few times before who had inherited a house in Germany from a widow, somehow. When I met him years ago, he thought the road to world peace with his non-profit, which would use Hummers to deliver laptops to children in third world countries. Because nothing says Peace like a Hummer. Even more puzzling because he was a Navy/Marine aviator at one time. In other news, she is a Red Cross volunteer, but hot & humid doesn't work for her, and the Montana fires are already full up with volunteers. So she'll probably be home for a while.

Bad "too soon" joke of the week - The Wall would be shaken down in a week.

**looked up the printing company which does my calendars, hoping they could print board-mounted photos for display (planning my Worldcon art exhibit for next year) but they don't. Costco does, but I don't want to re-join just for that. I think I saw CVS or Rite Aide photo department does, need to check their web sites.

Home, Dinner was - wait, don't tell me, it will come to me -started with cole slaw, then a container of Safeway house brand clam chowder with Ritz crackers. Apple turnover a la mode.

Politics & sports: I have a problem with kneeling during the Star Spangled Banner. No, I'm not a fan of the military, I did my national service in the Peace Corps. And having had to stand for the national anthems of two other countries I lived in, it's not about patriotism, it is about courtesy and respect.

Yeah, everyone has a right to free speech, on their own time, but hey, those athletes are at work. Save it for when you're not at work, and not in a uniform representing your work. I disagree with the coaches who won't draw that line.
Plans for tomorrow:
Work (hopefully the over the weekend test ran okay)

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