Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quick Release

Quick but late out of bed, AG texted that his dad died Friday. Called him from the road. He is taking it hard, but his family is helping. Brother is doing most of the funeral hard stuff. Traffic was miserable, took 45 minutes to get top work.

Breakfast was a mess - some auto maker partner had a catered full breakfast which had taken over the whole break room, left plates and cups and stuff all over the place. About 50 people, I think. Good thing I was late, they were elsewhere.

Nothing new at work. Lots of running automated tests and seeing them fail. Put together a ppt for Boss about that. Partner's engineers will visit the hole Friday with new toys.

Watched a lot of YouTube of 49ers coaches and players not happy with their performance last game.

Lunch was Swedish meatballs. Limited eye candy.

85 degrees in the hole in the afternoon, no work being done on the HVAC.

Bought a ticket to see It at 5:50. Left at 5:30, a couple was standing in front of my seat. I had to explain that it's reserved seating, at least till the movie starts.

Only 5 of us in the theater. I guess everyone who was going went last weekend.

It was okay. I'm not big on horror, and this came off as much as a satire as it did a horror film. Lead characters are children, older girl is of course a freckle faced redhead, dead ringer for a young Molly Ringwald. The final fight sequence is way too violent and lasts for about an hour. They left some loose ends, one I'm sure on purpose, another probably because it was anti-climactic and would have added 10 minutes to an already too-long film.

Home, watched PTI from Friday and 1/4 from today (both hosts were subs, and not good ones).

Delivered was the AT&T/unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8. I've transferred the files, but have learned my lesson and will wait till tomorrow at work to make it look the way I want it to, and log into all the apps which need it.

Dinner was beef pot pie. Halvah.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make the new phone my own
afternoon sync with Boss, I hope
Home, nap

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