Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late again

So I'll be brief. As if.

Spook started out the night in her doggie bed in the bedroom and then disappeared. I was in no mood to check the hiding places, because all the doors and windows were closed. And closet doors were open in both bedrooms. All day she was out of sight of all the webcams. This is not unusual.

Spook showed up for treats, then disappeared.

Out the door at 9, blame late night followed by realistic dreams. Which I cannot remember except that it was a rude awakening.

Traffic was slow, even on the back roads. And I realized as I approached the IFH that I had driven completely around north Sunnyvale to get to about a block from home. Well, a mile, actually. But there is an even worse intersection if I go the shorter route.

First thing, I taped a poster to the front door, over one of the stupid notices that the air conditioner was expected to be fixed a month ago.

There was very little trace of corporate breakfast in the break room. Lunch was quiet, with a brief burst of eye candy exiting the meeting room but going straight out the side door. Thai coconut chicken & orange milanos.

Work was routine. Boss canceled sync because she will be there with partner team tomorrow morning.

It got hot in the hole, 90 outside, 84 inside at 4 pm, but now it gets darker sooner, so by 5 it had not gone any higher.

5:50, drove to CHM, the guest reception opened at 6:05, there was a cute Australian high school girl, and 5 Muslim ones. Head coverings tweak me. To me they symbolize women subjugated by horny men.

The room filled up eventually with a diverse crowd, the food was adequate but much reduced from years past.

The talk was pretty good. AI program execs from Google, Facebook and Microsoft and a moderator who has covered silicon valley for 20 years, but for the NYT, so he was more about name dropping than he needed to be. Lots of pretty women in the audience.

8:45, major traffic jam on Shoreline, which is strange for a Thursday after 7. Had to go online to see what it was - an airline employee party which started at 8, which means doors open at 8, party at 9. And when I got near home, another traffic jam at the Hindu temple, which is supposed to have police directing traffic, but not tonight. Had to go all around the neighborhood to get home.

In the mail was a massive benefits book from Kaiser and a statement from them. I marked them return to sender and put them back in the mailbox. I hope the mailperson takes them. I have signed up for paperless several times, and "sign up for paperless" was emblazoned across both envelopes. Phone calls, letters and a trip to the business office have all failed to stop the waste.

Spook was waiting in the kitchen, she got some treats. Traffic made it impossible to stop at the store for tuna, which she probably wouldn't eat anyway.

I made a root beer float and settled in to watch The Orville. This one was entirely too serious. Too violent, too much like a real ST episode, except for the dick jokes. Excellent final scene. Reminded me of Azimov's classic Nightfall.

Spook plopped down her usual arm's length away on the rug in front of me till I brought out chips & dip. I threw her a chip, which she ate and then walked away. No idea where she went.

Plans for tomorrow:
Big partner visit. I think there will be 4 or 5 of them with a new automated test box for me.
Home after a quick Grocery Outlet stop for tuna and Famous Amos. And maybe Kind bars.


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