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Busy day, NDA day

Spook spent some of the night in her doggie bed, and some hiding, and when the alarm went off and the lights came on at 7:30 she jumped on the bed with all 4 feet, all 20 lbs of her, but instead of coming to my hand for face rubs as she usually does, she just sat at the end of the bed, looked at me till I got up, and then walked towards the kitchen.

I did my usual morning stuff before I went there and put out some treats. She only ate about 1/3 of them.

Out a bit early, at work by 8:40, took 101 all the way. Sadly, the slowest trip on 101 is faster than the fastest back roads, and maybe safer because of all the bicyclists  the back roads and the lack of bike lanes in critical parts. And now there are two big new Google buildings with traffic turning in and out, often without signaling, because the entrances are poorly marked.

Nobody to fight for breakfast with except the minion who was restocking the fridge. She's always nice about shifting her cart to let me grab what I want.

Unlocked the hole because I was expecting guests, possibly before the guys next door showed up (sometimes they don't show up at all Fridays).

I have to be very vague about the visit, NDA this time is serious. What I can say is I was expecting three guests from a famous partner company bringing a secret device for testing their product. It's strictly for QA and development use, it will never be given to consumers.

Almost the whole department showed up. I think 7 visitors, maybe 8. All of them had something useful to contribute, and like me they are all about the customer's enjoyment of the end product, and our enjoyment of bleeding edge prototype devices to play with/make the job easier.

There was a small world moment, the main guy and I have a mutual photographer friend from his previous Day Job.

Luckily, the heat wave went on hold, it never got hotter than 75 outside, there were clouds and cool winds, so three of the visitors were able to stay past lunchtime to show me some features in detail. I am not surprised that the only people whose names I remember are the main guy and the one woman in the group. She was very fashionably dressed, right down to the 4" spiked heels with the colorful cloisonné appliqué top & sides. I usually do not notice shoes, but she was so well dressed I had to look.

Anyhow, it was a fun session, and I'll be playing with the device a lot in the next couple of weeks. I left it running, will check the results Monday.

Lunch wasn't till 1:45, only a couple of guys in the break room after an employee came for his mother.

Lunch was chicken a la king and orange milanos. Snack time in the hole included grapes.

On the way home I stopped at Grocery Outlet for tuna, also got another big box of Kind bars, and a big jar of cat treats. 

Home, there was still something going on at the Hindu Temple, I had no idea they celebrated Kol Nidre.

After putting stuff away I upended a can of tuna onto a paper plate and put it by Spook's food tower. She came over immediately and licked at it for maybe 5 minutes, ate a couple of the treats she had not eaten this morning, and then walked away. Kind of what I expected, she doesn't like wet food, or human food.

Watched PTI on very fast forward because the two substitute hosts are 3rd string. Apparently the real hosts were absent because they had Emmy awards to pick up.

Also watched an episode of Penn & Teller. I have the hots for Alyson Hannigan, always have, until she uses her theater voice, which is all the time on this show, which is held in a Las Vegas theater. She is much better to look at than the previous milquetoast Brit MC.

Spook plopped herself on her side in front of the TV tray for most of that. Now she is behind me, in the office doggie bed, kneading the sides LOUDLY with the claws I recently trimmed. I think it's a message of some kind.

It was a day of wrong answers to important email questions. I had written my new congresscritter in support of funding for the Peace Corps. He is a smarmy, lying SOB who beat out a long-time rep who had served in the Peace Corps. Instead of answering my question his staffer sent me this boilerplate non-answer:

Thank you for contacting my office regarding your thoughts and concerns about funding for national service programs. I appreciate hearing from you and am grateful that you took the time to share your views.
As you may know, San Jose has the highest percentage of millennial volunteers for Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) programs in the country. Our young people are committed to making a difference in their country, which I fully believe we need to support and encourage.
I agree that we must do everything possible to protect our valuable national service programs. Programs like AmeriCorps provide valuable experiences for the communities they serve, and the volunteers who participate. As a member of Congress, I will do everything in my power to preserve these programs.
I hear your concerns and I encourage you to remain active in your role as an active citizen. Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. Please do not hesitate to contact me or my office again if there is ever anything I can assist you with.
If you would like receive updates about what's going in the congressional district or in Washington, please like my Facebook page, follow me on Twitter, and sign up for my newsletter. Or you can visit my website at https://khanna.house.gov/ to share your comments, get help with federal agencies, or arrange a tour in D.C.
Ro Khanna
Member of Congress

And in other wrong answer news, I emailed Armstrong customer support asking them to recommend a mop which wouldn't dissolve in their vinyl flooring cleaner/stripper solution. Instead they sent me boilerplate for what cleaner & mop "system" to use on their hardwood & laminate floors.

And voicemail from Kaiser telling me to call an 866 number for urgent information which concerns the health of me and my household. This was their third message this week, so I called, and got a canned message telling me all about online services which I have been using for 10+ years.

Some good news, the mail person actually did take the two Kaiser items I'd marked "return to sender". Let's see if Kaiser notices.

Delivered was a very nice heavy duty power strip with swivel-able outlets along the sides. I unplugged all the things from the alleged Uninterruptable Power Supply which got rudely interrupted a few days ago, and plugged them into the power strip. Thanks to the geometry of the new device, I was able to free up a power strip and three short extension cords (which were used because the UPS' outlets were too small for some A/C adapters). And a USB cord which let the UPS shut down the PC gracefully.

Plans for tomorrow, the last day of September (how did that happen?):
Drop off the rent check
Lowe's ISO a better mop
Dispose of the dissolved mop and the cleaning solution
Maybe try to do the parts of the floor I didn't have enough cleaner for last time.
Maybe take the USB to the SMART station recycling center.
Sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds
Update the laptop- maybe at a coffee shop.


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