Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Try to remember the kind of September

which we are now wrapping up. Where the eff did this month go? I remember saying that last month too.

Morning broke, I fixed it by not waking up till 10:30. I was up till 1:30 am watching yoga pants videos. I have no idea why, I started watching at about 11:30, one would think 10 minutes would have been enough. Apparently not.

Spook jumped up on the bed as soon as I was awake, almost let me pet her, but kept arm's length away. After my shower, she came into the bathroom and basked in the band of sunlight in front of the tub. But she didn't scope out the shower like she had been doing.

Checked the PC, forgot to look at the drive C backup, but I see now it finished at 7 am.

Kitchen, most of the tuna was still there, Spook meowed for treats, so I put out a handful. Tuna went to the disposal.

Hgl was a bit high, as expected.

Dropped off the rent check, then to Lowe's to look for a terry mop as suggested by Armstrong. They had nothing. They did have some of those cloth string mops school janitors use, but trimmed down for home use. But they didn't have the bucket with the wringer which would be needed.

On to Home Depot, but instead of turning left I turned right, and pulled into the el cheapo gas station and got 5 gallons for $15. The gas guage on the plug-in is not very accurate, but there's a readout which shows how many combined battery+gas miles I have left, and it was down to < 150. And then I turned left instead of U, and went to Target, taking my laptop because the new Starbucks was supposed to be open upstairs. Used to be Sunnyvale Target had a food court with a Starbucks counter and a pizza counter and maybe burgers but maybe just a fridge with assorted stuff in it.

Now it's Starbucks only, and the baristas have an island to work in, with many and varied seating behind and to the sides. The space is huge, and incredibly poorly designed. I pulled a table and chair over to a wall outlet, plugged in the laptop, and nothing happened. No electricity to the outlet.  The people to my right who had done the same thing were also powerless. I finally sat down at a table marked for handicapped (technically I am according to the ADA) which had a green LED showing on its outlet. But the view was awful, mostly the baristas from the side, and they were not hired for their looks.

Had one of the egg mcmuffin clones, it was kind of dry, but okay. Should have gone with a croissant. But I had not eaten yet, and my morning insulin was making itself known.

Into the store itself, lots of eye candy. Lots. Much of it thanks to their huge halloween section. After a lot of thought I bought a cotton rope mop with built in wringer and a bucket (so I'll have one bucket for the cleaning solution and another for water). Also got some vitamin B12 (I was out), Gas-X - for Reasons™, two packs of Sheba cat treat sticks which Spook will climb the cat tree for, and some figurines for the garden (an alligator and a moose) which the receipt says are sporting goods. I spent a long time in the toy department looking for toy train sets, but everything they had which came close were human-powered. I almost bought a Groot figure for the garden, but it was (a) too big and (b) battery powered dancing/speaking Groot,  not suitable for outdoor use. I also didn't buy a dinosaur figure because the ones they had were very wrong colors.

Home, almost re-parked at Macy's to go to the farmer's market, but saw too many cars circling around in there.

After I plugged in the car, my neighbors were both out, which is rare, so I chatted with them for half an hour. Usually Spook comes to the window for that, but she didn't. I told them about her escape & return.

Poured myself some cola, watched some of the UW/OSU game, it was dead boring 7-0 at halftime, so I put it on pause and went out onto the porch to watch the hummingbirds and a very colorful sunset. Cirrus clouds make for pretty transitions. Realized that for much of my time here my rocking chair had been facing the wrong direction, so I re-arranged things so I could see all the hummingbird feeders.

Delivered were the 2 pair of stronger reading glasses with the left eye and astigmatism prescription, and the extension cords for work. Removed from the mailbox were the two Kaiser items I had marked Return to Sender. Yay.

Back inside, I paired the new phone with the high priced BT headphones and they worked as expected. Huawei phone would not pair the microphones, so I couldn't use them for phone calls.

Turned on the game as I went into the office to shop for train sets. Spook curled up into the doggie bed, and is still there. After perusing many model train fan web sites which had "what's the best ones?" answered, the answer seemed to be that all answers were correct. I wanted just a steam engine locomotive model and a few non-passenger cars, an A/C power pack/controller and enough track to get started. For that, any brand would do. eBay had a lot of people selling or re-selling vintage cars and collector's items for far more than I think they are worth, Amazon had many starter kits but not many with steam engines (we're talking about looks, not function here), so I bought one of the most common brand, plus a raised section of track to make the thing interesting. It'll be set up in the back of the livingroom. It may move to the guest room eventually. Or maybe the coffee table.

Took out the crock pot, sliced up some celery, mushrooms, a home grown onion, the only surviving shallot, some garlic cloves, added rosemary, salt & pepper and some water and placed a pair of lamb shanks on top, covered and set for 8-hour slow cook. Possibly tomorrow's dinner.

No real dinner tonight. Chips & dip, then the last few slices of turkey salami, two slices of Texas toast. Ice cream.

There was a lot of shouting coming from the TV set, UW eventually scored 42 points. They blew a 4th down goal line stand in the last 4 minutes so the final was 42-7.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe drive out to Niles for the steam train. They will be using diesel the rest of the year. 11:20 am - 1:20 pm. Do-able
Meet Janice for coffee at 5

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