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I told Alexa to wake me at 9, and it did. Spook jumped onto the bed and after some initial backing off she decided it was okay to scratch the inside of her ears a little.

Hgl levels were good, but I was very lazy about meals. Mostly. The two lamb shanks and pile of veggies in the crock pot were done the way I wanted, so I put the lamb meat in a container, the veggies in another container, the bones in the garbage and poured most of the liquid down the drain. Containers were labeled and put in the fridge for tonight.

By now I'm thinking I'm not in the mood to drive across the bay to Fremont for the steam train.

No real breakfast, I took a roll of Ritz crackers and a tub of salmon flavored cream cheese out on the porch with a glass of lime soda, ate about half the roll and then got my BT headphones, which remembered the link to my new phone, and I called youngest sister and left a message. At least I think I left a message. The headphones didn't feed back my words, so I'm not sure the mic worked. Mic is supposed to be built into the headphones, not on a separate wire.

Put that away and brought out the tablet, and read a few chapters from Tales of the City. It's an interesting book, chock full of the clichés of living in San Francisco in the 60's. While it makes a lot of noise about the gayness of the city, most of the central characters are straight women. And it's one of those books where eventually all the disparate characters' lives are woven together. Or it seems to be heading in that direction. I like the writing, I like even more how short the chapters are, especially after reading Mark Twain.

I switched the large hummingbird feeder with an almost empty one, then refilled the smaller one and put it where the larger one had been. And watched the little birds figure it out.

Inside, I grabbed the last of the clam dip and surviving potato chips and sat down to watch the 49ers game. It was a mess. All field goals until it wqs time to go meet Janice, with the score tied and overtime about to begin. While I was watching, just to see what would happen I rubbed Spook's face with my toes, she was closer to me than usual. She liked it.  Rounded out lunch with egg rolls.

Drove to MV, Janice had picked the crowded Starbucks with the wind tunnel effect, I don't know why. We had been meeting at one lately which always has seats outside in the shade. Maybe she was thinking of shopping at the new Safeway next door.

She has withdrawn her Red Cross volunteer availability notice because she can't take the heat & humidity of Houston, Florida or Puerto Rico. She volunteered for the CA and MT fires, but they have more volunteers than they need.

Home, took out the garbage, made a Boston Market frozen dinner, and remembered as I was taking it out of the microwave that there was lamb. Lamb tomorrow, then.

Signed up for a photo shoot and a karaoke meetup for next Saturday. Turned over the two calendars of mine. October was a photo I almost didn't choose. There was a more Halloween Friendly one I was going to use, but this one is a lot easier on the eyes and I love the composition.

My ornithology-aware friends tell me this is a hermit thrush. Photo taken at Ardenwood Farms.

Watched some of the Seahawks game, was not impressed by either team. Did not see the Raiders game yet. Maybe later in the week. or not.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work - lots of fun with the new toy, add extension cords where needed
Home. MNF, maybe.

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