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Up & out with no sign of Spook except the missing treats. AG called while I had my hands full, I called him back as soon as I was on my way to work. He took 3 days off work for his father's funeral (which was Thursday). It has hit him pretty hard and he is still a bit numb. He lived near his parents most of his life, so it's a big gap in his world. I hadn't lived close enough to visit my parents since 1999, so when they passed away 10 years later it wasn't as big a gap for me.

Security had locked the front door to the hole, and three HVAC techs were waiting to get in to plug in their equipment. I had to go around back through the bushes to open the building from the back door. As I was arriving, Security was leaving. There is a set of keys somewhere at security, but they're mostly idiots over there, and keep showing up surprised that it isn't a standard Google keypad.

Boss messaged me to make sure I knew the techs were locked out. About an hour later the bozo at facilities who is in charge of the repair ticket added a comment to the ticket saying they have a new compressor, and it will be fixed by Wednesday. He said that a month ago.

All day was spent beating up the sekrit projekt boxes from Important Partner. Even after they helped me figure out what was missing from their instructions, three out of four of my Android devices wouldn't connect with their box. I left at 5:30 with the fourth one running. Will see tomorrow how well it worked.

Breakfast was not ready when I arrived, there were eggs and Cokes but the bananas were still in the crate. I was able to grab one.

Lunch was quiet, a few other guys, no eye candy. 5grain beef and mint milanos.

No break, I had grapes at my desk.

Homeward bound at 5:40 or so, very heavy traffic on 101, pretty light on back roads but a lot of driving while looking at phones. And there was a "look ma, no hands" bicyclist running red lights at busy intersections.

Las Vegas was closer to home than these things usually are, but not as tragic as it could have been. The husband of a theater friend in LA was apparently the last person out of the Mandalay Bay when the shots were heard. He was taking a cab somewhere and missed being shot at but really should have stayed inside. At least one musician I know (her mother and grandmother are Facebook friends too) was at the concert and was freaked out by bodies everywhere. Apparently she is okay, thanks to people she was with getting her to hit the ground.

Apparently the shooter was an accountant with a gambling habit. That can't be a joyous combination. The police are claiming he shot himself before they broke into his room, but I sincerely doubt that. Time may tell. I want to know why he did it. No one knows but him.

I watched Gabby & Mark's press conference in front of Congress, and wish there was a more fiery spokesperson for gun control.
That was in between plays of MNF. Both teams played pretty well, but still too many dropped balls and stupid offensive play calling.

Dinner was warmed up lamb shank stew, it was very good. 1/4 of the lamb and 1/2 the veggies are leftovers.

My NVidia box updated to the next to latest Android. I think I hit the wrong button on the remote, but wanted the update anyway.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work, more sekrit projekt
Home, train set is due to arrive.

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