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Took my time getting out of bed and to work. Just felt like it. Very high Hgl >200 so I only shot up 100 units.

Took 101, was surprised how little traffic was on the on-ramp. Lots of huge double trucks on the road.

Bananas and egg & diet coke achieved.

Drove to the main building and got a couple of STBs from a partner manager's peon. Brought them back to the hole.

By noon, Hgl was low, and I ate through two Kind bars after breakfast.

Lunchtime was also "break up into small groups and solve whatever problem we were working on in class" and the clueless twerps stood around the counters, blocking the snack drawers and the trash bins when there were stand-up height tables available. Some limited eye candy among them.

HVAC techs were at the hole, but abandoned the work at about 2 pm. This time they left all the panels off, and obviously not in any shape to be up and running as promised tomorrow. It was a very cool morning, and never got way hot in the lab. Tomorrow looks to be back to summer afternoons.

Meanwhile, sekrit projekt made lots of progress, I had three test machines, all different, running automated tests from the same laptop. I was hoping Boss with come by for our sync so she could see, but she didn't. She completely forgot. Maybe I should have held her tea cup hostage instead of bringing it to her when I was up at the big building.

Tomorrow I get to put new firmware on the two boxes and run some tests.

Stuck around 15 minutes extra to make up for lateness. Home, went out onto the porch and watched hummers and then read some more Tales. It has gotten entirely too small worldish to be believed. And it is getting smaller every page. Today's adventure is cheating wife's gynecologist meets a man in the bathhouse and boinks him. Man is cheating wife's husband. Husband does not know wife is preggers.

Watched PTI, they yell over each other too much nowadays, and usually over baseball crap I care nothing about.

Watched the 6 o'clock news on Tivo. They cut away from the detailed report by the ATF lady to show a clip about feel-good doggies being sent to Vegas or maybe PR or Florida or Houston. Not Houston, they have plenty of doggies. They did let her say that the shooter had bought his 47 guns in four states, and apparently all legally. But more investigation is needed on that.

I did some reading on him. Initial reports that he was a retired accountant were only technically true. He was a real estate mogul, multi-millionaire who also did some accountant work. He owned three homes, two of them close to Vegas. He had never been in trouble with the law worth mentioning, had no history of mental health issues, but as it turns out his father was a notorious bank robber and car thief who had broken out of prison at least once, and was one of the longest 10 Most Wanteds ever.

Anyhow, too much coverage of crying people for me. I hate that the media won't show some restraint with that. Let people have their privacy.

People have been urging the Australia solution. Oz bought back automatic and semi- weapons and then imposed very strict requirements for buying a gun. Apparently no hand guns. But they only bought back 600,000, which is a drop in the bucket compared to what's out there in Chicago. It's worth a try, but we've had those buybacks before, just not on a national scale.
Delivered was a case for the Samsung phone. Just one of the two I ordered. This one matches the one I bought for the Huawei. Very pretty art work.
By Lizmandu.

Much later, in a big box was the train set and extra tracks, and the second phone cover. I wasn't expecting them till tomorrow. Too late to set up the trains, or even figure out where to set them up.

Plans for tomorrow:

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