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Training Day

Time warp. Was up & showered by 8, off the PC by 8:15, but somehow not on the road till 8:45. 101 onramp backup was so bad I took a back road to the back roads, which were also crowded. So many bicyclists this morning, too. But just after getting onto 101 at Ellis, there was hardly any traffic, and it was speed limit until the backup at the exit for the hole.

Breakfast had to dodge a lot of people who had never been there before, opening fridge doors from the wrong side, etc. Big conference in the lecture hall, with a small continental breakfast set up. Localization engineers. I've done some of that.

Sekrit Projekt saw two more bugs filed, the first was cosmetic, the second is a showstopper.

Lunch was tuna casserole, which almost didn't get eaten because the whole foyer and hallway (at 1:15) was filled with posters on easels, and about 50 people gabbing like crazy. SO loud I needed to stand by the microwave to hear it beep. Lots of eye candy. But oddly few non-whites. I checked out some of the posters, they were all about trying to automate localization, which is a horrible idea. It's one of the things which needs a human touch.

Back to the hole, HVAC folks were still not making much progress. Someone came in looking for the "key box". Apparently some buildings keep a set of keys to all the doors somewhere in the building. In our case, those are kept by Security, but nobody seems to know who has them now. Oddly enough, yesterday a locksmith took off the knob for the fire sprinkler access door so the HVAC folks could get inside, but he locked it again.

KCEA has been advertising a weekly program at 5 pm, so I fired up TuneIn Radio on one of the test boxes and listened, but it wasn't the show they advertised.

I left at about 5:50, made the mistake of going a route which ought to have got me to Lucky's, but at the last minute I got cut off by two cars at once, and ended up just going home. It took half an hour to get there.

Opened the train set, after clearing off the coffee table and running a power strip under the sofa. Tracks were too large, had to relocate to the floor. As I was afraid of, the quality is not very good. The engine ran okay, but kept derailing, and the coupling hooks on the cars are cheap lightweight plastic which don't latch easily, and don't stay latched. The car bodies and motor are fine, but the rest makes it barely operable. Spook was totally confused by the engine going around the track, and each time it derailed she ran away, sometimes as far as the bedroom.

Dinner was Boston Market stroganoff** & cole slaw & no sugar added Dryers ice cream. Hgl at 10pm was >300, so I shot up a lot more insulin than usual. And I'll be eating smaller portions of ice cream from now on. Because that's the only thing that has changed since my hgl went up. Dryer's instead of Lactaid & Breyers lactose-free.

**spellcheck wants me to change that to estrogen.

Made an appointment for next Wednesday afternoon to get the car checked out. It needs 10k maintenance, and the modem hasn't worked since day before yesterday, so no message when it's charged, and no trip info on the mobile app. I'll take half a day off, because there's no way to get back there from work before they close.  Will have to move my manicure to another day.

Almost bought a Pixel phone. My work login said I would get 10% off, and the trade-in for my Samsung would be $450. But they lied, the discount is not for contractors, and they will only give me $350 for the trade-in (I can get $450 on eBay). And even with the trade-in it would cost $1K up front, which is far more than I want to pay for a phone.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync with Boss???

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