Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

From a fine cool morning to chicken soup and Sabra evening

Horrible night, sleep refused to visit me, 2 am I was still fighting to find it. And up with the 7:30 alarm. No call from AG, will call him Monday. Traffic was relatively light. Breakfast was a mixed bag, several people in the break room working. All the food was there, but running low on eggs & bananas.

The HVAC people were at the hole, but locked out of the roof access because Security didn't have a key. I put a note in the support ticket, and someone came down with the right key.

Started running manual tests on SP, and got bogged down with a test which needed optical audio connected to a mixer connected to the MacBook running Audacity. All I saw was a hum, no modulation. Turns out I was seeing the wrong audio format. The box being tested was supposed to be sending one, but sent another instead.

Lunch was chicken a la king & mint fudge cookies which turned out to be on sale at Grocery Outlet because they had melted together. A couple of quick eye candy moments, no more localizers though.

Back to the hole, the air was conditioned. Boss suggested adding shampoo.

Toward the end of the day my insomnia caught up with me.

Continued testing, the manual tests eat a lot of time, I probably need 2 more days.

Traffic home was light on the back roads, and on the stretch of 101, but it was a LONG wait at the IFH because I just missed the light to get into the intersection and just missed the light to get to the neighborhood road across the street.

As soon as I got home I tried to take a nap, but only managed an hour with eyes closed, but not asleep. And my throat was getting sore, and sniffles abounded so dinner was chicken soup with Ritz crackers, lime soda (with fresh squeezed lime juice) and I rented the original cut of Blade Runner on the amazon fire TV box. I had never seen it, and the trailers I watched at work (we test trailers too) were total crap. They have the same trailer on Amazon for all three versions they have online.

It had been so long since I read ...Electric Sheep that I've completely forgotten it, so the first few minutes of the film made me LOL.

The model of the androids which terrorize in the movie is Nexus-6.

The android phone Google gave me to test with is an Android Nexus-6.

I see why the movie is a classic, it steals from Metropolis right at the start, and from several other films. And other films/TV shows have stolen from it, obviously.

I'm going to cut this short because it is midnight and the two shots of Sabra are making me sleepy. But I have to say this: Blade Runner is about the worst example of cinematographic lighting I have ever seen. The director had a jones for shining lights in our faces through white smoke. Searchlights indoors. OTOH some of the close-ups of main characters' faces are perfectly lit.

And it has the most anti-climactic climax ever. Fraught with Symbolism™ which was supposed to be subtle, but wasn't.

Plans for tomorrow:
Fry's, get some RCA cables. I'm using all mine, and need some for work
Photo shoot at 2
Karaoke at 6, if my cold lets me.
Lionel train set is due to arrive by 8 pm. I may try setting up the tracks to see if they fit on the coffee table.

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