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Woke up with Spook on the bed, sitting up and staring at me. I felt like crap, it was a Nyquil night, and while that stuff always puts me to sleep, it also keeps me from fully waking up. Spook did something I don't think she has done before, she walked up to the sliver of bed between me and the night table edge, and lay down, letting me pet her for about 5 minutes.

She has been getting a tiny bit more affectionate since being left on her own for 2 weeks while I was in Helsinki, not always keeping arm's length away, and taking a swipe at me when I pass by her. It's not the love & affection I've gotten from most of my other cats, but it's something. I guess.

I was able to get through 2/3 of my plans. Fry's at noon, after a lot of hunting and pulling stock off of racks which had been hung on the wrong pegs in front of what I was needing, and walking clear across the warehouse space to get from audio cables to USB cable adapters, I also picked up a bag of cough drops, forgetting I had one in the glove compartment.

Took the slow route to the photo shoot, but was still almost an hour early, so I found a shady spot near a park and listened to the LSU football game. NOLA was under a cat 1 hurricane, but the game was away at the Gators' which is not much better weather-wise. There was also an update from a baseball game which was on a lightning alert.

The shoot went okay, an adorable Filipina named Alexis, who could not take direction worth a damn. She had a variety of poses, but she didn't hold them, which was a challenge. The final two sets were in very low light, I had not brought a fast enough lens with me to take advantage of it. She has a sexy smile, and I got a couple of good portrait shots. Most of the shoot was NWS. My cold was managed with Dayquil, aspirin and cough drops, and there were cold sodas in the fridge.

Since there was a full house of photogs, the shoot ran a bit long, so I went straight home, canceled my karaoke meetup reservation, reheated some corned beef & veggies and had a very early dinner.

Lionel train set was delivered while I was eating, and watching PTI. Retail box inside wholesale box inside Amazon box. Did not feel up to unpacking the innards, which are very securely packaged.

Nyquil and a nap at 7, didn't wake up till 9:30.

Root beer float, Thai noodle soup, watched the UW-Cal game. UW won 38-7, after getting off to a low start. Cal defense was a lot quicker than expected, and Huskies play caller didn't understand that lateral passes don't gain yardage as well as forward passes.

Some more ice cream, and now I'm sipping Southern Comfort with soda water on the side. Will re-Nyquil and get some sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
Alviso multicultural festival Relax, Watch football
4 pm, Janice's to see why her laptop won't connect to her wi-fi.
Take out the garbage. Tomorrow we get the new! craptastic! split garbage bins
Unpack the train set. Maybe put the track together

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