Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Catching Up - Backdated Monday

Afrin helped. I was able to sleep almost normally, except waking up about 2x as often.

Up at 7:30, on the road at 8:20, after the initial on-ramping, 101 was reasonably light. 50 mph, 65 at the last stretch.

Work continued manual tests from Friday, it was cool in the morning, 55-ish. Pretty comfortable. It never really got warm enough for the newly repaired aircon to make a diff.

Lunch was a Jimmy whatshisname sausage croissant. Famous Amos.

Back to the hole, when I ran out of soda I switched to green tea (room temp by then).

5:30, drove to Safeway, called Kaiser from their parking lot. 5:50, scheduled a doctor phone appt for 6:20, went into Safeway to get fresh Nyquil & Dayquil, as soon as I had my hands full the phone rang. It was Kaiser, but I couldn't answer. Back to the car, I figured by 6:20 I would be home, and I was just pulling into the carport when the doctor called. Made an appointment for 9 am tomorrow. My PCP is out of the office, they scheduled me with someone else.

Cup of noodles became dinner, watched football.

To bed about 9 pm, one of the wake-ups realized the sleep number bed was way too low, reset to 100, then down to 90. Much better.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up with the alarm, plan on 45 minutes to get to Kaiser. It's the same distance as work, but the last few miles is slower.
9 am doctor appt.
Lab tests dues A1C & PSA
Pick up drugs if prescribed

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