Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Almost Human

Much better sleep with Afrin, and the cold backed down a notch. Spook mostly slept in her doggie bed. Most of the 20 times I got up to pee she didn't notice. The higher sleep number was a good choice. But the trade-off was aching all over and not a lot of range of motion until after I got out of the shower.

Up at 6, 6:30, 7 and finally with the alarm at 7:30. Got onto the road at 8:15 expecting to be at Kaiser early, but 101 was a parking lot, even the diamond lane. I got off where I usually get on from back roads, and from then the green light gods smiled upon me. I was only about 5 minutes early, and there was a line at registration, and they sent me to the wrong side of the hallway.

A short wait for Dr., who said I had a sinus infection which started as a virus. Two parts to fix it, one is an antibiotic to disinfect, the other is to decongest my sinuses. For the latter she really wanted me to do a series of in the nose, out the mouth washes, but there is just no way. Sudafed was another way, but not with my high blood pressure. She also said I was contagious, and offered to write a doctor's note for work, which I didn't need, but I got the hint. (I work alone, not close enough to anyone to contage)

So, downstairs to bleed (I was due for an A1C and a PSA test), and then to the pharmacy to pick up the ampicillin, and also some ocean spray, which doc suggested as an alternative to the full wash thing. I may not use it.

Home, took Evelyn to Fair Oaks, which is the least number of stop lights and all 35 mph. Put my packed lunch away, made some more ginger ale, had another cup-o-noodles for brunch, and vegged in front of the TV. Air quality is back to normal again, the winds from the fire have shifted, so I sat on the porch a bit, but not much hummingbird activity so back to the TV.

Took the first pill, downed the last of the generic dayquil, made some lime soda and a couple of corn dogs for lunch. Took a nap, was out like a light for an hour. No coughing, yay! Spook followed me around, parking herself half a foot from wherever I was. 

Had a WTH moment, hopped in the car, drove down the block to the Grocery Outlet looking for sudfed, and instead found an Advil combo ibuprofen+ the non-regulated clone of sudafed. And in a twist, Vicks now makes a knock-off of Afrin.

Home again, took an Advil+, fired up the PC and did LJ updates for the two nights I missed. Facebooked. Set up the big humidifier in the bedroom.

Took another stab at fitting the Lionel tracks together, but they won't go flush. Spent half an hour online seeing that most of the train sets have those gaps, so not an issue. Also was reminded that the set I bought won't fit on the coffee table, so when it is built it will be on the floor. Rug on top of carpet.

Dinner was Marie C herb roasted chicken, halvah for dessert. I'm now feeling about 80%, and think I'll take one more advil+ and ampicillin + insulin and go to sleep.

Plans for tomorrow:
Plan A (if I slept well and am feeling well)
Work till noon
1 pm car appt in Redwood City
Home & relax

Plan B (not enough sleep but feeling human)
Sleep in
1 pm car appt in Redwood City
Home & relax

Plan C (feeling like crap)
Stay home, cancel car appt.

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