Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Up late again for the first time this week

In a nutshell, work -> manicure -> shopping -> Tivo
with a side of fire photos from Janice.
Up with the alarm, killed the alarm, next thing I knew it was half an hour later and I was waking up again.

Got out close to on time, back roads to 101 worked okay except the bicyclers were in a pack, as if they were on a team event, which is very rude & dangerous when there's a bike lane.

Air quality was an oxymoron. The winds have kept coming from the fires. I saw a report that a large co-op pot farm lost its crop, and the neighbors thought the air smelled familiar.

Thanks to all the interior work done when the HVAC was down, the hole is pretty air tight, and filtered. Walking across the parking lot to have lunch was icky. There was much eye candy in the break room, including a visiting engineer hitting on an intern.

The Sekrit Projekt stalled again, boss had me shift back to what I had interrupted to do the SP. Got that done, then did some ad hoc testing which was very disappointing - I need to check with one of the partner managers to find out if their boxes support Dolby audio. I was getting weird results.

4:30 made a nails appointment for 6, so 5:45 off to nails place. TV was showing All Fires All The Time. OK, I get it, it's a huge story, but it isn't the only story. One reason I got out of journalism is it's rare to get an actual story, but once you do the rest of your life is follow-ups. A year from last Monday we'll see these videos again.

Nails place is next to Safeway, first stop was their pharmacy for sudafed, since my BP went down to almost normal once I had gotten some sleep and antibiotics. It took 5 minutes, ID, pharmacist entering it all into the system, and a signature. The meds themselves were less than $5. Also got some liquid Vicks for the humidifier, and 2 weeks' worth of frozen meals. And a loaf of sourdough. They were out of filter masks.

Home, in the dark, back roads were light but slow. Thankfully, no bicycles.

Put stuff away. Note in the park mail slot saying they knew the garbage bins had not been exchanged as promised, maybe next weekend. Maybe not.

Played with the train set, Spook ignored it. But when I turned it off and left the room to heat up dinner (chicken soup), I came back to find her sitting in the center of the oval. She ran away before I could turn it back on.

Watched PTI, lots of baseball talk but also Steve Young. The Orville was kind of clumsy this time. And more gruesome than it needed to be. A heavy-handed morality dilemma ending which was not thought out well at all. Normally, if there are children on a space ship, they are children of crew. Seth's ending missed that point.

Took my evening meds, need to shoot up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call vet if they don't email.
If I get an appt for Saturday, then:
I may be coughing too much to see a musical
If I don't get a vet appointment, probably book a ticket for the musical for then

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