Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday the 13th

Up early, but had things to do on the tablet before I got up. Google Home kept telling me I needed to update my Samsung Smarthub even though it was up to date, and working well. Turns out Google made a huge change in the way they connect, and I had to launch the Google Home app, go to the home control tab, and sign into my Samsung SmartThings® account. Once they were connected I had to assign each device and activity to a room. Stupid because most of the actions span more than one room. It took longer to find the fix than to apply it, though.

The train set suddenly stopped working, so I kicked all the cars off the track to re-seat them later.

Mostly feeling fine today, but keep coughing. I am blaming half of it on the "unhealthy" air quality and the other half on post-natal drip.

Put on jeans instead of shorts and a long-sleeved shirt and wore my Sharks jacket, because the temps went from 67 last week to 47. Mini nuclear winter from the fire smoke. 

AG phoned as I was packing lunch, so I called back when I got on the road. He's coming to grips with moving on after his dad's death.

At work on time, fewer bicyclists, I credit the bad air for that. SP was still hosed, so when India product manager asked, I was free to smoke test a little set top box for him. For something the size of a hockey puck, only square, it worked pretty well.  He also has something for me from the guys next door Monday, he thinks.

Lunch was deserted, until one of the regulars showed up with new headphones. Beef & 5 grains, Cookies for dessert.

Back to the hole, the trip across the parking lot was smelly, and hard to breathe, but indoors was okay, except for the dry cough.
Vet did not have appointments for tomorrow, so I got my 2nd choice, afternoon of the 28th. And bought a ticket to tomorrow's closing matinée at Saratoga.

Got a call from my diabetes team, asking me to combine my blood pressure scan in 2 weeks with my annual ophthalmology appointment due in a month. Idiots. Blood pressure scan is in Mountain View, there is no ophthalmology lab there. I went online and made one in Santa Clara for November, closer to when it is due.

Home, reheated some corned beef and made an open-faced sourdough sandwich and also doused some cole slaw shreds with Marie's cole slaw dressing. Ice cream for dessert.

Reseated the train set, and ran it after watching my usual TV shows. Put one of Spook's toys-on-a-stick on the caboose, and ran it around. She mostly just watched from the other side of the recliner, or the other side of the room. She took a run at it, and almost swiped it but chickened out.

Tivo said it was recoding the WSU-Cal game, but when I fired it up it was just as Syracuse beat Clemson, and the fans flooded the field. Instead of trying to keep the fans off the field, security pointed them to safe ways to get there. It was a serious upset, and worth celebrating. The police and security did form a lane for the Tigers to get safely to the locker room. I don't think they were in any danger.

Got the recall notice which Redwood City mentioned to me. I need to figure out which dealership to have it done by. May actually go to the place where I leased it, in south SJ.

Amtrak reminded me I wanted to take a trip over Thanksgiving weekend, I started to book something but their web site has changed and is seriously anti-Chrome. May try again with Edge.

Went onto eBay and bought another model train car, this one is lit on the inside and has a display which looks like salmon spawning. I suspect Spook will find it amusing.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Iron my Hawaiian shirts
Saratoga, The Bridges of Madison County. I am told it is the story of an denture lab, set to music.
Flatten all the boxes and put them outside.
Watch football (?)


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