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Leslie's Birthday

The closest I ever came to being engaged (twice) was with a woman named Leslie, who was 11 months younger than me. From October 15 to November 15 we were the same age. She was (and probably still is) amazing. Master's degree at 19. Husband divorced her when she was given the headmaster job he had also applied for. Pianist, Royal Scottish country dancer, quick wit and expert calligrapher.

She took a 1-year special ed teaching job in Australia, and stayed 10 years. We wrote while she was there and I was in the Peace Corps. I was living in San Leandro when she wrote that she was coming home, by way of SFO. We spent a week together, but then she was off to Vanderbilt to get her Ph.D. or maybe Ed.D. Her project had to do with computer monitors for the blind, and for a while we kept writing, but somewhere maybe I moved too often or she found Someone Else, and we lost touch. By the time I thought of contacting her through her father, he had passed away. He owned the Bellingham WA TV station for a while, and was a major figure in Canadian TV. She took me to his office once to show me his Emmy collection.

Web searches have turned up nothing.
Up at 6 am when I had planned to sleep in, turns out it was another 55 Hgl morning. Klondike bars and recliner, watched something mindless on TV. Gave Spook treats before I Klondiked because she thought that was why I was up and in the kitchen.

Back to bed, up at 10:30. Still have a cough, but it's in the back of my throat and not choking. Too many days of sudafed & Nyquil, most of the day I was sleepy and unmotivated.

Ironed a month of Hawaiian shirts, put the work shirts in the washer. Unloaded the dishwasher and ran a small load of what hadn't fit.

Watched the 49ers game on Tivo delay. They finally replaced Hoyer with the kid they drafted, but in the end, dropped balls and penalties killed them. They lost by 2 points, a game they should have won handily. 0-6.

Dried the shirts and arranged them on the bed to keep them from wrinkling, and put them in something close to the order I hang them in the closet. I sort them by color, with a few non-linear sorts. Right to left: My one solid green shirt is first. Then black, then blue (I have a lot of those) burgundy, purple, red, light aqua (I have a few of those, they are basically neutral) then stripes, green and blue. The left side are my Hawaiian shirts, in no particular order except the SF Giants one is farthest right.

Spook helped:

When she noticed the camera, she relocated to the center of the pile, facing me. I did not take that photo.

Took the locomotive & tender off the tracks, and into the office, and used a fondue fork and needle nose pliers to pull off the glue I'd melted on. I thought the glue had insulated the tender and locomotive contacts from each other, and removing it would fix the problem. But it turned out that in the process of joining them, the contacts on the tender's connector had gotten bent and out of their guides. Pretty much the same fix as I've done before with other electrical connectors. This time I used duct tape to hold the two cars together. Worked fine.

When the train was stopped, Spook went over and swatted at her toy, but as soon as I started the train, no matter how slow, she ran to the other side of the livingroom and watched it from behind the recliner or the coffee table.

I figured what I needed was a remote controlled power switch. So I went to Fry's and bought a couple. Also got a pair of motion sensors from Lowe's (Fry's doesn't carry them). It took a while to get the switch connected to both Google Home and Alexa, but now I can voice command it from anywhere in the house. I used that to mess with Spook a little, but she still won't attack the moving toy. It's a feather on a string. Future taunt - set up a motion sensor near the train so it turns on when she comes near.

I set up the other sensor to turn the kitchen light on when I come in the carport door. With it getting dark earlier, that will be handy. The "sunset" setting on the smart hub is not reliable.

Watched the NY Giants dominate the Denver Broncos. Giants were 0-5. They went back to their core competency and are now 1-5.

Watered all the plants, indoor and out, took out the garbage, including a metric tonne of flattened boxes. It was hot outside this afternoon - 80's.

Dinner was an old football tradition. Hot dogs and buns with mustard and sauerkraut. Baked beans and cole slaw. Maybe a year ago I bought a Costco mega-pack of hot dog buns, used the last two tonight. Freezer had shrunk them some. Also threw in the last two corn cobbettes.

There's a meme going around on FB, women wanting to show how all of them have been sexually assaulted or had unwanted passes made. A few of them understand that it happens to almost everyone, male and female. Can you spell "hazing" or "initiation"? I posted "Me too" and many of my friends understood.

It has happened to me more than once, but the one which was closest to a Harvey W. was in college. I had been cast as the lead in a play, Ayn Rand's The Night of January 16th. I was the prosecutor. It's a courtroom drama where the audience is the jury. I had a lot of lines. Probably most of the lines. The director, a woman a couple of years older than me, offered to help me run lines, and we met on the lawn somewhere on campus where it was common to study but just as common to make out. She tried to kiss me, I looked the other way. She took that as a "no" and for the run of the show she never tried again.

The night after the final day of school, she shows up at my dorm room, drunk, and throws herself at me. I was barely 18, still only about 5'6" and she was a lot stronger than she looked.

And like many of the women who posted, it made no sense at all to me other than a power thing. She was married, I was not particularly attractive - short, chubby, baby faced. And it was relatively safe for her - school was out, there was no one to tell. And who would believe the boy's story, anyway?  
I really need to get to sleep. Work tomorrow. No other plans. 

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