Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oh my aching back

Been having a lot of pain and stiffness lately, mostly my right side, except when I am lying on my left side. Then it's my left side. Sciatica, no doubt. Not much to do about it.

Slept well, was up at 7:15, decided there was enough light from the tablet to do some research. Sunday night's football game the Redskins cheerleaders were only shown tangentially - way in the background after a play was over, and only for a second at a time. They seemed to be wearing butt-revealing hot pants, but I didn't think that was possible, so I checked their web site. And yes, they were showing off a lot more than I thought possible in the NFL. The Denver cheerleaders were in long stretch pants, made to look like chaps. There were many shots of them during the game. Not nearly as eye catching.

Up and out on time, I remember staring into my not very packed lunch box and wondering what was missing. But all I could think of was I had my frozen meal and a small container of artichoke hearts, two Kind bars and three baby cheeses. And I would get a banana & HB egg and cola at work.

Lots of bicycles again, now that the temps are back up and the air quality is tolerable. Many more coming toward me than usual, thanks to Google opening at least 4 huge office buildings on my side of the IFH. I'm pissed that Google is growing so fast, and not making me an FTE.

Tried to test a new box, the middle size of three from a well-known local company. Had to pack it in, it was not playing videos well at all. Crashed when playing 4K.

But SP's server was starting to behave itself, so I was able to get back to what I was doing last week, and finish a lot of tests which had failed to connect.

Lunchtime the break room had lots of short-term visitors, speaking languages I do not know - couldn't identify.

Shrimp & angel hair pasta, and artichoke hearts. Dessert showed me what I had forgotten - three kinds of cookies in the kitchen, I didn't pack any. There was a pair of oreos in the break room drawer, though. And peanut M&Ms, which I don't find as enjoyable as I used to. My taste in chocolate has developed some.

Back to the hole for more of the same. When it got to be 80° on the thermometer I went outside to check, and no surprise, the HVAC was not running. It's supposed to start cooling down tomorrow...

Home, very light traffic except for 101. I hit all the red lights, which is bad for time but good for recharging the battery. Home, vegged for a bit, set up the train to start on voice/app command. Google is fine with calling it "the train" but alexa can't handle "the" it just wants "turn on/off train".  Spook now hides by my side when the train starts. And then goes elsewhere.

Delivered first thing this morning in a rented moving van were the new garbage bins, split cover, one side for garbage the other for table scraps. Plus a bucket with a divided lid to keep table scraps in the kitchen. I threw that behind the shed. I will not be participating in this idiocy. Last year I kept table scraps for the compost bins, and the house was infested with gnats. Not doing that again. The table scraps side of the new bin is big enough to hold all the table scraps for the block, if the block was families of 12.

Totally forgot to call Ford about the recalls.

Dinner was turkey medallions & stuffing, fudge mint cookies for dessert. I left the package on the kitchen counter and they melted enough to pull apart.

Still coughing a lot. Nose isn't running now, the sudafed had worn off.

Watched the last quarter of MNF, quite a stunning ending. Also watched Graham Norton, he had on Chris Rock, Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. Kate and Idris are in a movie together, they needed someone his size to make her look smaller than she is. I was never a fan of hers, less so now.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sync w/boss I hope

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