Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still coughing

That's always the last thing to go away after a cold. For me, at least. Highly annoying because it makes my throat more sore which makes me cough more.

AG called this morning, he also had a cold all weekend - his was from staying late at a party and not having brought a jacket. It's gotten cold and windy at nights in San Jose lately.

I had three recruiter email hits today, after none for months. One was tagged as junk, some Indian with a fake US address wanting me to work on a contract in Boston on a job I Just Don't Do. One was from some clown in Seattle with a fake amazon email address who didn't get the memo that I left there in 1999, and am not a software developer. The third was okay - a recruiter in NV who touches bases with me once or twice a year to get an updated resume and find out if I'm looking. My stock answer right now is I have a contract which will probably last till a year from December, but I would rather have a full time job in my chosen field, with benefits.

Spent the day comparing video on two different manufacturers' machines. One was horrible, the other was the Second Opinion, which proved the problem was in the machine not the clip. And then at the end of the day the engineers next door came over, I showed it to them, they said they already knew about it. And my liaison manager with them told me to switch to a different model, they won't be fixing the one I had spent all week working on.


Boss didn't come down for sync. She didn't answer my message either, so I'm guessing she wasn't at work at all. Hope she isn't sick.

Huge crowd in the break room at lunch time, had to sit outside the box. Much eye candy. Whatever gathering it was, seemed to be employees, and they obviously were running half an hour late, and people kept coming in after that.

On the road at 5:30, traffic was horrible, 40 minutes to get home. Freeway would have been worse.

Sat on the porch to watch the sunset & hummers. Spook perched on the cat tree near the window. I turned on the train (remote control works!) but she didn't budge.

Watched PTI - too much baseball & basketball. & soccer. Does anyone seriously care that the Columbus, OH soccer team may move to TX? I didn't think so.

News was still all fires all the time, but this time there was a pair of fires closer to home, as in I've been to parties near there. One of the closed roads leads from Hwy 17 to Skyline, a block from which intersection an old BBS friend lived. Maybe still lives. I blocked her when she promised to check on my cats when I was on vacation, and I came home to find their water fountain dry. Looked online and she had thrown a party the day she was supposed to check on them. She's a veterinarian, which made it even worse. A quick check shows nothing online from her in 2 years, except a recent reply to a mutual friend on FB. Anyhow, last time i was up there, the place was voted most likely to spontaneously combust. Though I hope it doesn't.

In other sports, Kaepernick is suing the NFL owners for collusion. He thinks they must have conspired to not hire him. At the same time he refused an invitation to join players and player reps to meet with NFL owners. Meanwhile, Navarro Bowman who was let go last week from the 49ers was picked up right away by the Raiders. Even with their starting QB out with an injury, they didn't reach out to Kap. Or if they did, he slapped their hand. It hasn't come up. Kap doesn't get it that the reason he lost his starting QB job is he sucked. That was before he pulled that protest thing out his ass. And the reason no one is hiring him is he sucked and made himself difficult for most of his teammates to like.

And to think I was going to make this short.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Ford (maybe this time I'll make time)

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