Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

4th Friday

Felt like Friday again today. I'm blaming the cold. It has felt like a very long week.

Up with the alarm, out early, took 101. Traffic is definitely getting worse, stopped dead a couple of times in the commuter lane. And all the other lanes.

Lots of people using the break room for breakfast, but no obvious event happening. I think people who have attended events have noticed what a nice quiet place it is, and now it's like Yogi said - nobody goes there anymore, it's too crowded.

In the hole, plugged away at the smoke test from yesterday, found a lot of unexpected bugs. And found some things fixed from last time, too. The bugs were mostly things only advanced users would see, but for those users they are show-stoppers.

Lunch was crowded again, no place in the main room to sit so I snagged one of the tables in the hall. Not a bad view, and people of all descriptions came by to make noises with the espresso machine and get in each other's way at the fridges. One tall slender 40-ish woman with a brilliant smile.

Back in the hole, wrapped up the smoke test and send the results to the managers, who were away at an offsite today. Plugged the machine into the SP tester, not expecting to get very far, but it actually registered quite well, and I left it running a batch of automated tests.

Home, no traffic till the 101 overpass, which took 3 traffic light cycles to pass over. Back roads were packed as well, way too many Uber drivers who didn't have a clue what lane they needed to be in (it's tricky where Ellis goes under 101). And cheaters who needed to be in the right-hand lane for the IGH but thought they could zip down the center lane and wedge in at the last minute. But that's three lanes trying to become two at that point, so not a win for them.

Watched a little of the Raiders game, somehow Tivo forgot to record it, so I was stuck with it live. Pretty good game, very even. I tuned in just in time to see Marshawn get ejected for roughing up a zebra shirt. I would not be surprised if that loses him his job. Totally stupid move. I turned the game off after they blew an attempt from 10 yards with no time left, but I see there was a defensive penalty, and they scored, winning by a point. Yee-haw.

Dinner was lamb saag and the rest of the mini spanikopita from last night. Ice cream. Almost out, I should stop eating that stuff, bad for the cough.

Delivered yesterday was a 3-month supply of regular insulin. I'm not looking forward to the bill. Delivered today was a big O-gauge car which is lighted from the inside, two large windows with beveling to make it look like the salmon painted on the windows are swimming. It doesn't really. Spook was still more scared when it moved than curious.

Saturday there is a mini sci-fi con in nearby Campbell, and one of the guests of honor is my friend Robin, who was Oliver in the production we did at TheatreWorks in the 80s. I was the undertaker, which means we had a duet together. She left another show we were both in to go to LA and be the person in the GB2 Slimer animatronic device.  She's tiny, and had been playing inside character costumes for several seasons at theme parks. The producer of GB3 was kind enough to give her a voice-over in that movie too. GB1 Slimer was CGI, the voice was done by a man. They have made a few guest appearances together.

Somewhere I am sure I have photos of her performing at Great America. Her final season there they took her out of the full-body costumes and let her be a farm girl in a cute pleated skirt. She had her own kiddie show in a small open air circle. I took all my photo albums down and looked through them, but didn't find those photos. They are probably slides, and there is no way I can go through thousands of those before Saturday. I also didn't find Oliver cast photos, I don't think I took any. I found some from the next two shows I was in there, but she wasn't in those casts.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss may come over to chat about SP
Janice @ Starbucks after work

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