Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Finally Friday

Spook slept on the bed for a couple of hours last night. She also inspected the shower for maybe half an hour. But by the time I woke up she was back to being in hiding.

Up & out early. Traffic not so bad. It had rained a tiny bit, which was not enough to reduce the number of bicyclers. One would think the colder and wetter it gets, the fewer there will be.

Grabbed breakfast, several people already camped out in the break room. In the hole, mostly ad hoc tested using the SP.

Boring day, mostly automated tests. Bass was not heard from at all.

Lunch started in a deserted break room, but people were in and out a lot.

Bored t work, started looking up info on adding a cat to the home. Stumbled across an announcement from the local humane society that they were having a special cat event Sunday to adopt out animals from their shelter to make room for animals from a couple of the centers in the fire zones. I think Spook is going to get to be a mom.  I'm looking for a male kitten. When I adopted Pumpkin as a kitten, he immediately latched on to Domino as if she was mommy. Drove me bananas him loudly sucking on her long fur. He grew to be twice her size, but he never bullied her.

5:30 headed for the nearest Starbucks, Janice never showed. I waited half an hour & called. She had taken a nap and overslept. :-(

Home, traffic had thinned enough to take 101 the last leg.

Watched my usual Tivo, dinner was clam chowder & halvah.

Plans for tomorrow:
Campbell Con. Take my camera & GB 1&2 DVD set. See a young old friend be famous.
Fire up the furnace pilot light

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