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The only reason I went to CampbellCon is my long time theater friend Robin was a GoH. I was surprised at how very happy she was to see me, too.

The rest of the con photos are clicky clicky

The photo above was taken in the morning, she had prime table space out in front of the dealers' room, next to the guy who played Sta-Puft. After lots of hugs and meeting her husband, and getting a GB1+2 Blue-ray set autographed, I left her to her fans, many of them in full GB gear, and wandered the grounds.

Parking was a mess, because sharing the very large lot was a soccer event of about a dozen games played by tiny kids. We are talking pre-schoolers for the two games closest to the place where my miracle parking space opened up. And downtown there was Oktoberfest, which meant no parking in the usual lots downtown. The good news is the concession stand was open, I bought a donut. My sciatica was killing me, and fuzzed my brain so much that I couldn't decide to grab the camp chair out of the car and set it up. There were lots of picnic tables, so not really needed, but it woud have been more comfortable.

Back to the con around 12:30, missed a panel I would have liked to hear, but got into the one and only panel room at 1, to hear some insider stuff from an the middle-aged white man on Marvel's staff who wrote The Jaguar comics.

Kept my very good 3rd row center seat for the GB panel. Slimers I & II and Sta-Puft. I learned a lot about the other two characters. Robin had posted most everything about hers on FB over the years. It was an excellent panel, and the back of the room was lined with fans in full GB gear.

After the panel, they all went outside and posed in front of a trio of GB cars for a group photo. The Official Photographer who set it up paid no attention to the fact that there was a big tree making shadows. But then, he was using a flash. Still...

Back to the tables with Robin & husband, more hugs and goodbyes.

Home, watched some football, lit the pilot light on the furnace. Of course two days from now they're predicting a heat wave, but unlike summer, the mornings will be cold. This morning it was chilly enough to haul out the radiant heater in the bathroom. Spook gave it a full inspection (after I unplugged it).

Just heard the Cal Bears lost in overtime. Yay.

On the way out of the park this morning, I saw the calendar in its Fedex envelope on the porch of #1, so I snagged it. Nobody home. Opened it tonight, and it was one I'd bought from NFL and sent back, because it's a table book, not a wall calendar. Boo, hiss. I'll keep it on the table then.

In other news, a gay couple I have known since 2008 got married this morning. I wasn't invited. I knew one from theater, he directed a show I was in, and he has been living with a sugar daddy significantly older than him who is one of the early eBay employees. They held it in a theater in SJ. I have mixed feelings about the marriage, but I'm pretty sure a major reason is my friend lost a leg to kidney disease, and his now-husband's health care plan is way better than that of the small port-a-potty company he works for. For that reason alone I am happy to see them married. Most partners would have bailed on him.

Been thinking about how to bring in the new kitten. I have something which can pass for a litterbox and half a box of litter, and there's a water fountain which was an extra for my vacation, and it's easy to put some kitty kibble in a bowl, plus I have a lot of wet food Spook won't touch. The guest bathroom could be set up with those. But I really don't think all that is necessary. It's a huge house, plenty of places for a kitten to hide. Spook had a litter when she was a year old which was taken away, so I'm guessing she will feel maternal.
Plans for tomorrow:
Get to the shelter by noon (the event is only 2 hours long)
Come home with a kitten
Then whatever happens.

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