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Meow Mix

Up at 6:30, Spook was on the bed wanting to be petted & treated. I got up to take an Hgl reading, but it was normal. Gave her treats. Back to bed for an hour.

It seemed to take forever for 11:30 to arrive. Did one or two useful things, but cannot remember what. Watched the start of a meaningless football game. Noticed that the furnace had not fired up, re-lit the pilot light and put the lever into the "run" position, which I missed because it is mis-labeled.

Then off to Milpitas, Humane Society of Silicon Valley for the "fire sale". The way the web site explained it, there were cats which had been up for adoption in wine country when the fires hit, and they were transferred to foster homes and then to Milpitas to make room for pets stranded by the fires. The idea being that the ones from the fires would eventually be re-united with their owners, who would not enjoy driving 100+ miles down here to pick them up.

Got to the HSSV site, I've been there before, it is like paradise for pets. Big outdoor area for dogs to run around or just sit quietly with people, full veterinarian office complete with separate dogs/cats+rabbits entires. And enormous areas for dogs, kittens and adult cats.

The first staffer I talked to said none of the fire sale cats were kittens, they are all adult cats. So Plan B, I looked at the kittens up for adoption, but none of them looked anything like Spook. Mostly black, B&W and a couple of tabbies. And only two males. I wonder what's with that?

So on to the fire sale, where there were only 6 cages, one cat each. Most of them were too old (there was a stunning persian/silver tabby mix, 10 years old, female and a huge orange tabby, even older). But in the corner cage was a 1-year-old tortoiseshell named Zoe. Female, but by now I was willing to compromise on that. She was vocal, and let me hold her. No purr, though. Back in the cage, she pawed at the latch, that's one smart kitty.

Close enough.

I registered at the front desk, they said they would message me when there was a rep available. So I sat by Zoe's cage, and chatted with the foster couple for the persian, and with some of the fire sale staff. After half an hour I was going to check with the front desk, but one of the staff said she had, and I was next. That took another 10 minutes, and when I answered the text message, the desk person said they had me down as "just browsing" which is weird because when I checked in I told them I wanted to adopt Zoe.

From there it was smooth sailing. A cute rep named Erica gave me the routine info, told me Zoe's vet screening showed a healthy cat, she would be due for one shot in January. The adoption fee was half the usual $175, so I rounded it up with a donation to make it $100. Then to the store inside the building for a $17 cardboard carrier. And then to the fire sale to collect Zoe.

She was quiet until the first long stop light, and then only meowed from time to time, usually at stop lights, and when I got within a couple of blocks of home. She leaned in for my finger to pet her through the air holes.

Home, brought the carrier into the guest bathroom, Spook followed me. laying down on the rug facing the guest bathroom door. When I opened the carrier, Zoe stood up, Spook came forward to say hello, and Zoe made rude noises, spat and clawed in her direction.

So Plan B. I closed the bathroom door, and one at a time put a water fountain, food dish and litterbox in the room with Zoe. Spook stayed camped out by the door. I turned on the TV and watched the cat action through the hallway web cam. After an hour or so Spook had come into the livingroom to park by the train set, so I opened the guest bathroom door and let Zoe explore the house.

Spook was a bit upset when Zoe went into the main bathroom and parked on a window sill facing the door. 

Somewhere in there Spook chased Zoe under the bed, but Zoe came out and toured the whole house with Spook sometimes paying attention and sometimes not.

During dinner there was a short spat in the bedroom, then Spook parked herself on the cat tree by the front porch.

It got too quiet, so I went looking, and found Zoe under the bed.

I'm optimistic, but guardedly. Spook seems to want to make friends, and Zoe has been through a lot lately, with no other cats to contend with.

In other news, I unloaded the dishwasher, took out the garbage/recycles, won an auction for a very used 50mm f/1.4 AF-S G lens. A little more than I really wanted to pay, but way less than the going price. I can sell my D lens for about half .

Also filled one of the hummer feeders. And called middle sister, who will send me some insulin pens she doesn't need.

Just checked, Zoe was sleeping on the bed, the far corner by the pillows. But when I petted her, she went back under the bed. Took her time, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home, if the cats haven't wrecked it.


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