Insulin shock

Afternoon post because I'm bored and tired and a lot has happened since last night.

Went to bed early, about 10 or so. Normal dinner & dessert, plus a cople of tollhouse cookies. My usual insulin shot, 100 units of lantus.

And then something went horribly wrong.

Woke up at 11:30 with a severe insulin reaction. Worst ever. Hgl was 45, I grabbed three Klondike bars, scarfed them down sitting in the recliner, turned on the TV to diistract me, but my heart was pounding at about 120, I was sweating, and about 5 minutes away from calling 911, because it was getting worse instead of better.

Made an egg cream, and then chocolate milk, and finally was coming back to normal maybe around midnight.

To add to the excitement, my sciatica was making it hard to walk.

Back to bed. Google Home was playing with me. "Turn off bedroom" I said. It answered that it didn't know which bedroom I meant. "Turn off bedroom light 1" it claimed I had not set up an item by that name (I had). "Turm off the bedroom lights" worked.

Usually I lie on my left side, but the sciatica hurts left when I'm on my right side, so I slept in that position.

4:30, up to pee, and Zoe was on the bed at my feet, facing the door. Spook was at the other end of the hallway, staring. When I woke up for reals, Zoe was asleep in that same position and Spook was out of sight.

-more later-


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