Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Zoe Day 2

Woke up, Zoe was asleep next to my feet. Jazzed about this, because it's the one thing Spook rarely does.

Up & out on time, 101 traffic was slow but mostly steady. Called AG, he had an interesting weekend. His mother came in from Vietnam, too late for his dad's funeral, so he took her to the graveyard. While he was there apparently our former boss messaged him. AG also filled me in on some former co-workers.

Work was boring. The over the weekend test had stalled, so I started it up again. That was all I really needed to do today.

After the insulin reaction, I was tired, found myself almost nodding off.

Lunch was quiet, tuna casserole & cookies.

Home, back roads were light, 101 looked nasty.

I had been monitoring the webcams, Zoe spent the day on the top tier of the cat tree in the office, Spook mostly was hiding or on the guest room futon.

Took a nap. As I was settling in, Zoe got up on the teddy bear by the pillows and purred loudly as she kneaded it, then she walked to the little cat tree with the circular top and curled up there. When I woke up, she was at my feet. Spook was watching from down the hall.

I ran the train set, Zoe jumped when it came on, then was mildly curious as it ran.

Watched the last of Monday Night Football, beef pot pie for dinner. Tollhouse cookies for dessert.

The lower back pain got worse after my nap, so I called the advice nurse, who sent me a video series, and advised a cold pack for 15-20 minutes. And now I have an appointment with a GP after my blood pressure test tomorrow.

The video series is very thorough, mostly kept repeating that everyone gets lower back pain, and usually it goes away with self-care. I've had it before, but it has always gone away before I got to see a doctor.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser BP & back pain appts
Maybe back to work in time for sync, but probably too late for that.
Need to do a little shopping. CVS near Kaiser, and also need more BD alcohol pads & naproxin from Kaiser pharmacy.
Home, more cat adventures

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