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May as well

It's a bit early, but I put my evening TV on hold to watch the live stream of HM King Bhumibol's funeral. Amazingly colorful procession, and a bit disconcerting to see that most of the uniforms are Western style Beefeater design. The inner guard, at least, is in orange Thai traditional garb. People lining the streets are in full wai (kow tow) as the chariot passes. It takes a long time to pass.

The feed which is working best is, strange but true, courtesy of Siam Paragon shopping center. Excellent quality, lots of cameras, director is making interesting choices and the camera work is great. Audio is pretty good, too.

Blue? Really?

Artillery in the King's colors.

Mourners in black.

Back to the past. The morning started with Zoe in the office, I think. She didn't sleep in my bed. Quick getting up, no shower needed. I slept fairly well, pain was minor. The muscle relaxant didn't knock me out as expected, but it probably helped me get to sleep and not wake up often.

Front passenger side tire was low, when I got to work I called roadside assistance. Backed the car into a spot to make it easier to get to. Took them 2 hours to get help to me, but he pumped up the tire as requested. I think. He says it was up to 35 psi, but it did not look it.

Crowded breakfast nook again. Test machine in the hole kept rebooting. Looks like the test went awry. I stopped it and ran it a different way. It was still cranking when I left.

Lunchtime was a bit of a treat, four DDG marketing women were gaggling in front of the espresso machine. From their conversation, I don't think they got their jobs based on technical ability.

Lunch was fried chicken from last night & artichoke hearts. Cookies for dessert.

Back in the hole, it got warmer, no aircon, but I've given up calling about it. Until tomorrow when it's supposed to get hotter.

Home, traffic was insane. Decided not to get my nails done. Maybe tomorrow. Front tire was back down again.

Got the air pump out of the shed, plugged it into the DC outlet formerly known as the cigarette lighter socket, and pumped the tire up to 36 or so. It took a long time and made a lot of noise.

Zoe came down from the office cat tree, followed me into the kitchen. She sniffed at the canned food, nibbled on some treats I'd put out for Spook. Spook tried to sniff Zoe's butt, but Zoe made rude noises and hissed, so Spook backed off.

Shut down the guest bathroom setup. The food dish is already in the kitchen as noted above, emptied the litterbox, unplugged the water fountain, put the towel from the carrier onto the office cat tree on a tier neither cat uses (yet). The carrier has been in the bedroom for a couple of days. Closed the door.

Zoe explored a bit, she knows where the official litterbox is. She sat across from it for a while, then moved to the main bathroom, and camped out on the rug by the shower. Which is where she is now. Spook is lying in the middle of the livingroom.

Dinner was a Healthy Choice beef teriyaki steamer bowl. Too much broccoli, sadly thin sauce. Very small portion. Cole slaw added. Ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
American Tire in MV, have the tire looked at
Manicure (?)

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